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Ramirez vs Hart II: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Gilberto Ramirez and Jesse Hart lock horns again tonight on ESPN+.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Tonight at 10 pm ET streaming live on ESPN+, Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez defends his WBO super middleweight title against Jesse Hart in a rematch main event from Corpus Christi, Texas.

Ramirez (38-0, 25 KO) defeated Hart (25-1, 21 KO) by decision in Sept. 2017, with Hart climbing off the canvas in the second round to give the champion all he could handle over the course of the 12-round distance. It wound up a close, competitive, and often-exciting fight, and the same is expected of this rematch.

Since beating Hart, Ramirez has defended twice this year against fringe contenders, while Hart has gone 3-0 against a slate of middling opposition himself. The eyes have pretty clearly been on pitting these two again in the time since they first fought.

Tonight’s show also has a handful of prospects in action, including junior welterweight Arnold Barboza Jr (19-0, 7 KO) and featherweight Mikaela Mayer (8-0, 4 KO).

Wil Esco will be on the call this evening. Join us!


  • GILBERTO RAMIREZ def. JESSE HART by MD (114-114, 115-113, 115-113)
  • ARNOLD BARBOZA def. MANUEL LOPEZ by UD (100-90, 100-90, 100-90)



Round 1: Hart comes out with a couple of quick jabs that don’t land. Hart jumps in with a right hand behind two more jabs and that one partially lands. Hart comes in again and digs the body with a couple of shots. Ramirez falls short on a jab to the body. Ramirez lands a left hook upstairs as Hart tries to tie him up. Right uppercut lands for Hart as he nears the ropes. Straight left lands to the body for Ramirez. Now Hart throws a lead right, straight down the pipe. Both fighters trade body shots on the inside. Glancing right hand lands for Ramirez. Close round. I think Hart edged it. Hart 10-9.

Round 2: Hard lands a jab at center ring, then pops a couple more that keeps Ramirez at bay but don’t land. Hart circles to his left but gets caught with a Ramirez jab. Ramirez presses Hart to the ropes and lands a clean hook and a couple of body shots. Hard jab followed by a straight left lands for Ramirez. Now Ramirez throws a straight left to the body. Two more body shots land clean for Ramirez. Both fighters take a quick break along the ropes before the bell rings. Ramirez 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Jab to the body lands for Ramirez. Hart flicks a couple jabs but they don’t land clean. Now Hart partially lands a left hook off a jab. Two shots land for Hart this time, as he gets in an uppercut on Ramirez. Straight left to the body lands for Ramirez. Ramirez gets Hart to the ropes and throws his hands while Hart looks to take a breather. Hard left jab snaps Hart’s head back. Another left to the body lands for Ramirez. Hart tries a check hook but it gets caught on the glove. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 4: Ramirez comes out pressuring Hart. Short right hook lands on the inside for Ramirez Hart gets caught on the ropes again and Ramirez gets off a flurry of punches. Ramirez gets warned for the use of his elbows. Two hard body shots land for Ramirez on the inside. Hart looks like he’s breathing a little heavy already. Hard left hand knocks Hart back several feet! Hart sneaks in a right uppercut as Ramirez steps in but Ramirez keeps coming and continues pressing Hart. Another short combination lands for Ramirez with Hart on the ropes. Ramirez 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Straight left to the body lands for Ramirez to start the round. Counter left hand lands for Ramirez, who gets Hart right back to the ropes. Hart jumps in and lands a straight right hand. Now Hart changes the right hand to an uppercut. Ramirez doesn’t like those clean shots and he tries to respond by coming right after Hart. Several hooks come in succession from Hart. Short left hook lands for Hart, then Ramirez gets one in return, then Hart flurries back! Hart has Ramirez on the ropes now but the bell ends the round. Hart 10-9.

Round 6: Hart tries a jab and misses. Hart snaps another jab and then throws a left hook off of it. Lots of clinching gets a few boos for the few people in attendance. Hart lays on the ropes and grabs Ramirez when he comes in. Now both exchange body punches and Ramirez continues to follow it up by moving forward and catches Hart with a shot. Hard right hand lands for Ramirez. Hart tries to respond with a short combination but doesn’t make much contact. Left hand to the body lands again for Ramirez. Both fighters trade again just before the bell. Ramirez 10-9, 58-56.

Round 7: Ramirez tries to jab to the body but Hart counters with his own upstairs. Hart tries to lands a right hand after a jab but Ramirez is able to pull off the punch. Hart sticks a jab at center ring. Ramirez still comes forward and tries to trap Hart on the ropes. Clean left lands upstairs for Ramirez after a break. Left uppercut partially lands for Ramirez as a counter. Hart takes a spill at center ring as he throws a punch, ruled a slip. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 8: Both fighters trade to start the round and both land a couple of shots. Two left hands to the body land for Ramirez. Another exchange and both fighters lands a few more clean shots on one another. Hart gets warned this time for illegal use of his elbows. Hart jumps on Ramirez after the break and strafes him with a couple of punches along the ropes. Hart steps in on Ramirez, gets him to the ropes, and starts throwing shots to the head and body. Hart is bullying Ramirez on the inside now, mostly mauling Ramirez but not landing many clean punches. Ramirez, however, threw very little. Hart 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Hart steps in and tries to land a big right hook on Ramirez, but can’t quite find the target. Hart throws three punches and then smothers Ramirez on the inside. Now Ramirez finds some room and throws a couple of body shots. Both fighters are in each other’s chest at center ring, taking turns throwing punches. Ramirez gets off a few shots on Hart during a lapse of defense. Hart gets in a short left hand on the inside. Close round. I think Hart just edges it again. Hart 10-9.

Round 10: Ramirez has hurt his left elbow, which may be why he hasn’t been throwing as many punches the last couple rounds. Hart jumps in with a jab but Ramirez pulls out of range. Ramirez tries a jab to the body and gets it in. Hart comes back with a short combination that doesn’t land clean. Clean uppercut lands for Hart this time, though! Hart pushes Ramirez to the ropes and leans on him and throws a short flurry of ineffective jabs. I’ve gotta go with Hart here, even if a little sloppy. Hart 10-9, 95-95.

Round 11: Hart starts the round mauling Ramirez again, smothering him and throwing punches on the inside that aren’t all that effective but it’s enough to outwork a compromised Ramirez. Ramirez throws two to the body but they don’t have much pop on them. Hart gets back to his mauling tactics — it’s sloppy but it’s where he’s having his best success. Ramirez laying on the ropes and isn’t taking a lot of clean punches but he can’t keep up with Hart’s output. Now Ramirez lets go with a flurry of punches and both fighters lay into one another. I think Ramirez landed some good shots but waited too late in the round to really launch his attach. Hart 10-9.

Round 12: Both fighters touch gloves to start the final round. Ramirez throws a left to the body that falls short, then makes a face showing the pain it caused. Clean right hook lands hard for Ramirez! Hart gets caught on the ropes with a series of right hands as Hart just stands and mugs at the crowd. More right hands come from Ramirez who only has one arm to work with! Hart gets caught with clean shots and he might be blowing this fight! Ramirez gets Hart in the corner and throws his injured left hand a few times as he tries to rally! Hart tries to turn the table and Hart lands a few hard shots! Wow! I think Ramirez takes the round, 10-9. That makes it a draw on my card, 114-114.


Round 1: Barboza comes out with a feint and then takes his time before throwing a jab to the body. Barboza tries a right hook to the body that is partially blocked by Lopez. Lopez tries to double up on two jabs to the body but Barboza is able to pull off the punches. Barboza snaps a jab upstairs, steps in, and the lands a hard left hook to the body. Lopez cuffs Barboza’s head with an overhand right and the two wind up in a clinch. Hard hab lands for Barboza at the end of a three punch combination. Two hooks come from Barboza that land but not clean. I like Barbosa in this round, he looks like he’s in control. Barboza 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters end up in a clinch to start the round. Lopez tries a right hook to the body but can’t land it well. Hard left hook lands for Barboza. Another left hook to the body lands for Barboza, followed by another left hook to the head. Barboza pivots on Lopez and lands another left hook to the body. Overhand right lands for Barboza after Lopez throws an ineffective combination. Barboza turns southpaw momentarily and then switches back to an orthodox stance. Lopez jumps in with a short combination on Barboza. Barboza 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Lopez comes out with a hayemaker right hand that misses wildly. Lopez steps in with a couple of stiff jabs and walks into a hard body shot. Lopez stands and trades but gets the worst of it. Lopez continues to stand in the pocket and trade and both fighters are landing. Straight right lands clean for Barboza, followed by a left hook to the body. Now Lopez lands a right hand lead. Barboza measures with a jab and then lines up a straight right that lands clean on the chin. Another clean right lands hard for Barboza! Better round for Lopez but his more aggressive tactics are allowing Barboza to land at an efficient rate. Barboza 10-9.

Round 4: Lopez charges in and is trying to walk Barboza down — the only problem is Barboza is landing the cleaner, harder shots much more frequently. Left hook to the body lands for Lopez. Lopez tries to follow up with some overhand punches that don’t land clean, but it’s making it more of a brawl. Jab lands clean for Barboza as he gets position at center ring. Two clean shots land in a three punch combination from Barboza! Barboza throws two more shots, steps over, and lands another left hook to the body. Barboza measures with his jab again and lines up a couple of straight rights. Barboza 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Barboza brings in an uppercut as Lopez leans over his front foot. Two more shots land for Barboza as Lopez tries to bury his head in Barboza’s chest. Lopez continues to walk in on Barboza but he’s not slick about it and is taking clean shots on the way in. Barboza is taking his time and just placing clean shots that should have put Lopez down by now, but Barboza is just not a big puncher. Another right uppercut lands for Barboza. Right hand, jab, right hand lands for Barboza, snapping Lopez’s head back. Lopez is still trying to throw when he can but he’s taking a beating. Barboza 10-9.

Round 6: Barboza continues to land his punches with ease, mixing up his shots and then stepping out of range when he’s done. Two hooks to the body land clean for Barboza. Lopez responds by throwing several of his own hooks that make contact. Barboza gets warned for the use of his left hand, keeping it extended to blind Lopez. Barboza lands a lot more punches on Lopez to finish the round. Barboza 10-9, 60-54.

Round 7: Lopez tries to crowd Barboza again but he just walks into a few more punches. Lopez continues to come forward any and gets a few of his own punches off. Barboza is really just lighting Lopez up as he’s clearly the more skilled fighter between the two. Now Lopez lands a hard left to the body but takes a left hook to the head. Two more clean right hands land well for Barboza as Lopez just can’t get out of the way of that punch. Hard jab snaps Lopez’s head back. Another right hand lands over the top of Lopez’s left. Barbosa 10-9.

Round 8: Lopez walks right in on Barbosa and tries to maul him a bit but he takes some well placed counter punches from Barboza. Three punches land for Barboza at center ring, ending with a clean right uppercut to the head. Lopez continues to take two or three to land one but he just hasn’t been close to doing any real damage to Barboza. Barboza pivots in the pocket and lands another left hook on Lopez. Barboza steps in while Lopez tries to catch his breath and hits him with two shots. Barboza 10-9, 80-72.

Round 9: Both fighters trade jabs to start the round. Lead right hand lands clean for Barboza. Lopez throws one, Barboza lands two. Barboza bobs and weaves and mixes in some counter uppercuts on Lopez on the inside. Flurry from Barboza backs Lopez to the ropes. Another right hand lead lands for Barboza. Big right hand lands again for Barboza and Lopez looks like he’s starting to wilt! Lopez is taking a lot of clean punches, too many for my liking. Barboza 10-9.

Round 10: Lopez steps in with a couple of jabs which don’t land clean. Lopez gets in an overhand right but takes two counter shots in return. Uppercut lands for Barboza at the end of a three punch combination. Now Barboza lands a left hook to the body. Lopez is going to have a migraine tomorrow morning. Barboza backs Lopez to the ropes with a couple of punches and Lopez tries to fight him off with a hook to the body. Right hand lead lands again for Barboza, followed by a right hook. Barboza steps in with the final 20 seconds on the clock and lands several clean shots on Lopez. I’ve got it a clean sweep for Barboza, 100-90.

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