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Canelo Alvarez asked about Mayweather rematch, gives usual answer

Canelo has a stock answer, more or less, ready to go whenever he’s asked.

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Canelo Alvarez Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Canelo Alvarez was asked about Floyd Mayweather this week on SportsCenter, as Alvarez prepares for his Saturday fight with Rocky Fielding, and gave his usual answer about wanting a rematch, throwing in that he thinks Mayweather’s fights with Conor McGregor and Tenshin Nasukawa hurt boxing’s credibility:

“I would love [revenge], but he is a retired boxer who comes and goes. He is taking care of his own things. We know how he is, but if there is a possibility and he wants to return to boxing and he wants to make this fight, I would love it. For boxing, it would be great, and he would give boxing something worth watching. Lately the only thing he has done in boxing is lower the credibility of the sport with the fights he has fought. It would be good to have a rematch with him.”

Alvarez, as he’s said many times before, feels that his gained experience over the years would help him do much better in a rematch than he did in the first fight, when he was still a pup in the game and Mayweather outfoxed him rather easily over 12 rounds, at least unless you’re actual paid professional judge CJ Ross, who scored it 114-114 somehow.

Canelo (50-1-2, 34 KO) suffered his only pro defeat at the hands of Floyd back in 2013, a fight that did huge pay-per-view business and would probably only do bigger business if, by some miracle, it happened again in 2019 — which it won’t, of course.

For one thing, Canelo has outgrown 154, and that’s as high as Floyd is going to fight, and for another, Canelo is exclusively with DAZN. And as Frank Warren sort of said earlier this week, Mayweather would probably laugh people out of the building if they tried to sell him on a non-pay-per-view fight. Streaming may be the future, but Mayweather is about to turn 42. He doesn’t care about the future of boxing, at least not in this sense.

But until Mayweather is literally so old that he can’t risk fighting anyone anymore, people are going to keep asking Canelo about a rematch. It’s boxing’s last No. 1 star against today’s No. 1 star.

But realistically, it’s a dead issue. It’s been so long since their first fight already. For God’s sake, Richard Schaefer was still at Golden Boy, and Oscar De La Hoya still thought he was working with Al Haymon.

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