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Bob Arum: Ramirez and Hart would both beat Canelo

Ol’ Bob is at it again.

Terence Crawford v Jeff Horn Official Press Conference Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Bob Arum, or at least some intern or someone using Bob Arum’s Twitter handle, looked to drum up some late interest in his ESPN+ main event between Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez and Jesse Hart, which happens tonight at 10 pm ET, by declaring that both fighters would beat Canelo Alvarez, who fights in the weekend’s biggest bout on Saturday.

Some folks responded with Funny GIFs and whatnot, which is about all that needs to be done here. Others tried to have a serious conversation as if this isn’t just Top Rank looking to draw some attention to their fight. And hey, we’re talking about it, because it’s funny, so it worked to some degree, at least.

Anyway, Ramirez (38-0, 25 KO) and Hart (25-1, 21 KO) did have a good first fight back in Sept. 2017, and another good one is expected tonight, so, look, you really should watch it. Whether they could beat Canelo, who faces Rocky Fielding on DAZN tomorrow in the same 168-pound weight class, is another story, but, y’know, maybe. Canelo’s not really a super middleweight.

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