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Lennox Lewis still has beef with Riddick Bowe

Old grudges don’t just go away.

Laureus Sport for Good Mexico Project Visit Photo by Miguel Tovar/Getty Images for Laureus

Just become time passes, that doesn’t always mean rivalries fade to the degree you think they would or should.

To reference: Riddick Bowe and Lennox Lewis crossed paths during fight week for the Deontay Wilder vs Tyson Fury faceoff, and yes, there was friction evidenced. Lewis spoke on the subject Monday night on Sirius on the Randy Gordon/Gerry Cooney show.

“I still have that animosity going on,” said Lewis, of the rivalry that never came to fruition in the ring, but still leaves waves of emotions in the air.

“Me and him were supposed to fight a long time ago. I was waiting for the opportunity to bring it in the ring so I could beat the granny out of him. He basically ducked me. That’s why I called him ‘Chicken Bowe.’ And that name lives on.

“At one point, I’ve been thinking about it for a long time, about when me and him meet. Although we never met in the ring, he kept mouthing and saying stuff about me. I was waiting for the opportunity so when we could get together I could give him a slap. And then I looked at him and I realized how slow he was and it wouldn’t be fair to do that. I opted against it.”

When asked if there was a chance he and Bowe could shake hands, Lewis simply replied, “Why?!”

So, that’s one side of the story. We will reach out to Bowe and see how he saw the interaction.

Yeah, just because there’s snow on the roof, that doesn’t mean there aren’t fires burning below, in the gut and heart. Lewis (age 53; 41-2-1) still has a fighting spirit, it seems. Bowe (43-1) is 51 years old.

There is no threat that they will un-retire, to settle things…is there?

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