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Jermall Charlo: It’s time to see what we’re made of!

Jermall Charlo talks about his trainer, his fight this weekend, and when we can expect him to land a big fight at middleweight.

As Jermall Charlo gets ready to defend his WBC interim middleweight title against Matt Korobov as a late replacement, Charlo fields questions from reporters on his current mindset and when we could see him in against Canelo Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin...

Charlo on his relationship with trainer Ronnie Shields:

“Man, Ronnie got me on fire. Ronnie got me on fire. Ronnie been here before, I never been in these territories, I ain’t never seen all these cameras in my face and wanting to know what’s on my mind. So I always try to tell Ronnie I apologize if I make him look bad — I just want it real bad, you know? And I love Ronnie Shields, man. He did everything for me. He’s like a father to me. He a father to my kids and I can’t thank him enough.

“The only thing I can thank him with is these hands and knocking out other fighters and we go on boats, we go fishing, man, you don’t even know, bro. We have a good ass time, me and Ronnie. He would never let me do nothing wrong. I love Ronnie Shields to death.”

On when we can expect to see him fight Golovkin or Canelo, and what it’ll take for that to happen:

“You want me to lie to you? Alright. We should be seeing this in 2019, right? That’s what ya’ll wanna see? Tell the people that, then! I wanna fight! I already told you I wanna fight! I don’t care what the situation is, I don’t care what happened — I wanna fight! I wanna see how talented I am against whoever out there. I don’t care about being an undefeated fighter, or being this big role model to everybody. I’m not trying to put on a persona, I’m not faking it, I wanna fight! I wanna see all this work that me and Ronnie Shields been doing — what is it? What is this about? Is it real?

“I’m Jermall Charlo! My twin brother is Jermell Charlo! We made history — great. We got belts — great. We got money, we fly as hell — cool. We taking care of our family. We only doing what’s right. But now it’s time to see what we’re made of. That’s the question that they wanna see: what are the twins really made of?”

On what’s standing in the way of making those fights a reality:

“Yeah, man. Ya’ll gotta get on the phone with DAZN, DOZEN — a dozen couple fighters with a couple dozen losses. They gonna be whatever we call ‘em. So, yeah, ya’ll gotta get on the line with those guys. Oscar De La Hoya never gave me a chance. I ain’t never sign with Golden Boy. Lou DiBella, I ain’t sign with them either. I never had a promoter, this all self-made millionaire money. I’m coming in with my own campaign, I got my own background, I’m my own fighter, I got my own squad. I’m ready. Me and Lions Only is here to take over whatever’s out there.”

On if he would be willing to made B-side concessions in order to land a Canelo fight:

“You know I don’t give a shit about A, B, C, or D. They can put me under the ring and I’ll come up out that mothafucker. I don’t care...Look, I’m not the fighter dude that they say ‘one week notice.’ This ain’t no one week notice, he been training. He better been training. He signed to fight Jermall Charlo, I consider myself one of the best in the world. I’m ready bro.”

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