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Whyte vs Chisora II: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora battle again in London.

Dillian Whyte Press Conference Photo by James Chance/Getty Images

Today at 5 pm ET airing live on Showtime in the United States and Sky Sports Box Office in the United Kingdom, Dillian Whyte and Dereck Chisora meet in the main event of a card from London’s O2 Arena, a rematch of their brawl from two years ago in Dec. 2016.

Whyte (24-1, 17 KO) and Chisora (29-8, 21 KO) may well be fighting for a shot at Anthony Joshua at Wembley Stadium on April 13, and at the very least the legitimate chance is there that the winner of this fight will get that date. That means there’s plenty at stake even without title belts or any of that.

Whyte’s had a nice year, knocking out Lucas Browne in March and following that up with his best win, a decision over Joseph Parker in July. Chisora surprised some with this TKO-8 victory over Carlos Takam in July on the Whyte-Parker undercard, putting himself in position for this rematch.

On the undercard: Cristofer Rosales (28-3, 19 KO) vs Charlie Edwards (13-1, 6 KO) for Rosales’ WBC flyweight title; Ryan Walsh (22-2-2, 11 KO) vs Reece Bellotti (13-1, 11 KO) for Walsh’s British featherweight title; and Joshua Buatsi (8-0, 6 KO) vs Renold Quinlan (12-3, 8 KO) in a light heavyweight bout.

Wil Esco will be on the call. Join us!


  • DILLIAN WHYTE def. DERECK CHISORA by KO (1:56 of Round 11)



Round 1: Chisora comes to center ring and throws a few jabs before going down to the body with a couple of hooks. Overhand right from Chisora glances off Whyte’s head. Whyte tries a big right hand counter but misses. Chisora is pushing the pace early and landing shots downstairs. Big right hand from Whyte backs Chisora up for a moment. Counter right hand lands for Whyte. Chisora walks back in and lands a left hook to the body. Jab from Chisora pierces Whyte’s guard. Another jab lands for Chisora and he follows it up with a punch to the body. Whyte starts popping his jab so he can maintain a more effective distance and just misses on another right hand. I like Chisora in this round. Chisora 10-9.

Round 2: Chisora walks in and tries to wing a few hooks but misses on a couple. Whyte lands two clean jabs at range. Chisora ducks a right hand from Whyte that followed a jab. Two more hooks to the body land for Chisora. Whyte mocing back and looking for counter opportunities. Whyte pushes down on Chisora’s head after he misses a shot. Chisora misses on two wide hooks and Whyte just pops a few jabs. Chisora pushes his forearm into Whyte’s face to end the round, with the two fighters tied up. Whyte 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Chisora tries to step in on Whyte and walks onto a few straight punches. Big left hook lands for Chisora! Whyte smirks! Chisora throws a few more hooks downstairs and Whyte ties him up. Lead left hook partially lands for Chisora. Now Chisora gets in a left downstairs and a looping right over the top. Chisora is starting to maul Whyte more effectively in this round. Two more hooks come from Chisora, followed by a sneaky uppercut. Whyte starts jabbing again but finds himself back on the ropes as Chisora unloads some heavy hooks that Whyte is able to defend pretty well. Clean left hook to the body lands for Chisora. Whyte gets in a body shot and gets a warning for a low blow by the referee. Whyte tries to fight Chisora off of him and the referee has to tackle Chisora off of Whyte as the bell rings! Chisora 10-9.

Round 4: Both fighters exchange at the start of the round as things have heated up. Whyte starts flicking a couple of jabs and then lands a straight right that follows it up. Chisora starts pressing forward again and lands two hooks to both sides of Whyte’s body. Now the referee warns Chisora for the use of his head in close quarters. Two more hooks come from Chisora and Whyte lands a counter hook. Chisora is chasing Whyte all over the ring and strafing him with shots. Left hook lands from Chisora and backs Whyte up. Clean counter right hand lands for Whyte. Now Whyte pushes his forearm in Chisora’s face and lands a right hand to follow. The referee warns Whyte about that. Chisora 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Whyte tries to pick Chisora off with a couple of jabs. Chisora walks right in again and unloads hooks with both hands. Clean left hook lands for Chisora! Whyte starts pokinh with the jab again and Chisora responds with two hooks to the body. Whyte tries another right hand but Chisora is able to block it. Big right hand from Chisora glances off Whyte’s shoulder and knocks him off balance. Whyte throws four straight punches and lands a couple of them. Another warning to Chisora for the use of his head. Two more body shots land for Chisora. Another left hook lands for Chisora at the bell. I think Chisora is taking the fight to Whyte and outworking him. Chisora 10-9.

Round 6: Chisora stalks Whyte to the ropes as Whyte throws a few jabs that don’t land clean. Chisora weaves a couple of punches from Whyte as he comes in but can’t find a target to land anything. Jab lands this time for Whyte. Chisora lands a right hand to the body and Whyte steps back out of range. Three more punches come from Chisora and Whyte hasn’t been able to match his pace thus far. Whyte just misses on a big right hand cross. Looping right hand lands for Chisora again. The SKY commentary team seem to be giving Whyte more credit than I think he deserves. Chisora 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Both fighters just miss on punches to start the round. Whyte lands a jab at center ring and Chisora jumps in with three hooks and Whyte reponds with a short combination of his own! Another clean jab lands for Whyte as Chisora doesn’t seem to have the energy to stay on top of Whyte with the same ferocity at this moment. Jab lands for Whyte and Chisora tries a big hook that doesn’t land clean. Chisora leaps off his feet with a left hook and Whyte ducks it and turns him to get the position advantage. Short left hook lands to the body for Whyte to end the round. Whyte 10-9.

Round 8: Chisora presses forward but isn’t moving his hands as much which is giving Whyte more chances to pick his shots. Whyte lands a clean shot and then mugs at Chisora. Clean right hand lands to the body for Whyte and hunches Chisora over for a moment. Chisora gets Whyte to the ropes and lands a body shot and gets a stern warning about his shots straying low. Jab lands again for Whyte. Chisora looks like he’s fatiguing and its making a difference in the landscape of the fight. Chisora takes a point from Chisora for a body shot that seems a bit harsh. That’s really a shame in a fight like this. Right hook lands for Chisora, Whyte lands a left! Whyte 10-8 on the dubious point deduction, 75-76.

Round 9: Replay shows that Chisora’s punch in the last round did land a little low, but I don’t think the deduction was warranted. Chisora gets back in Whyte’s chest and starts strafing Whyte with hooks to his body. Chisora backs Whyte up some more and Whyte shoves his forearm right in Chisora’s face and the referee gives Whyte a light warning. Chisora steps in with some hooks, Whyte reponds but can’t land clean. Left to the body lands this time for Whyte. Right hook lands clean for Chisora behind the guard. Clean body shot lands for Whyte, then a left hook! I think Chisora won most of the round but Whyte ended it stronger. Chisora 10-9.

Round 10: Chisora walks in but Whyte picks him off with some straight shots. Chisora tries a clubbing right hand that Whyte is able to mostly block. Jab lands clean for Whyte. Short right hook to the body lands for Chisora. Short uppercut lands on the inside for Whyte. Whyte ducks a Chisora hook then ties him up as he has his back on the ropes. Now Whyte lands a nice shot at center ring and partially lands an uppercut. Chisora looks tired. Whyte 10-9, 94-95.

Round 11: Hook to the body lands for Chisora to start the round. Whyte flurries off the ropes and backs Chisora off of him. Whyte misses a right hand and then blatantly pushes down on Chisora’s head. Chisora gets upsets and flicks an elbow and the referee takes another point from Chisora! That’s awful! Whyte ties Chisora up as he presses him along the ropes. HUGE LEFT HOOK COUNTER LANDS FOR WHYTE AND KNOCKS CHISORA OUT COLD! IT’S OVER! Whyte KO-11.

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