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Matt Korobov: Imagine if I had a full camp to prepare for Jermall Charlo

Matt Korobov talks about his close loss to Jermall Charlo this past weekend.

Premier Boxing Champions - Jermall Charlo vs. Matt Korobov Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images

Nope, the moral victory hasn’t kicked in for Matt Korobov.

It was Monday, and he hasn’t watched what he lived through on Saturday night. Would he be watching two days after the actual combat?

“Didn’t watch it. Just felt I won enough rounds to win. To hear a judge only give me one round really makes you lose faith in judges,” the Florida-based fighter, born in Russia, told me.

“I was in control. Charlo was unable to commit to his punches. And remember I had a week to prepare for him. Imagine if I had a full camp? Anyway I left it all in the ring. No, and I won’t for awhile.”

I wondered, was he, a day or two later, able to see beyond the result — could he comprehend that fans and pundits watched the match and came away impressed with his in-ring acumen? And that more opportunities will come from that effort?

“It feels good, yes, but fighting like I did and not getting your hand raised at the end is pretty sickening,” he said. “Not to take anything away from Charlo but I won. I really think I won.”

Kick it to Wednesday. Was he feeling better, was he able to throw himself into a more festive mood, enjoy the time in West Palm Beach with his wife (Stela) and son (Emilian, 3 years old)?

“I had a great Christmas, love my family, they can always make me feel better! Just staying positive and being ready for my next opponent. Waiting for that phone to ring with another opportunity, hoping it comes soon. I want to be active!”

And what does he want next? If not a Charlo rematch, who is he targeting?

“No one comes to mind. I am ready for anyone. Just would like to have a proper camp and know who I am training for.”

And if fate allowed, how would he fight if given another shot at Jermall?

“Not sure, I would go back through the tapes of him with my team and make adjustments. Ideally not leaving it in the judges’ hands would help. But in my mind I beat him. I out-produced him more rounds with cleaner shots, making him constantly miss his counters.

“I think having a full camp to prepare for the opponent I actually face in the fight would make a difference. Preparing for 12 rounds at 160 — not eight 162 — would help. But let me get another opportunity in a timely manner and I can just show it not talk about it!”

—Woods worked at NY Newsday, and then was at ESPN Magazine from 2003-2011. He edited, and since has written for RING, while currently publishing

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