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Thurman talks potential fight between Terence Crawford and Danny Garcia

Keith Thurman says Danny Garcia will always be beatable at this level because of his low work rate.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Keith Thurman answers questions on some rumored fight offers out there, including an offer made to Danny Garcia to face Terence Crawford. Check out some of Thurman’s thoughts down below...

Thurman on the Shawn Porter vs. Danny Garcia fight:

“I predicted that Shawn Porter was gonna win the fight. You know, I know Shawn very well, I’ve been in the ring with both of ‘em and I said it would be what it was — that somebody just needs to have that boy throw more punches, Danny Garcia. You know, just make him be a little more active if he wants to win at this level at this stage of his career.”

On Bob Arum supposedly offering Garcia $3 million to fight Terence Crawford:

“It’s a dangerous fight for Bud, but it’s a winnable fight. Why? Danny don’t throw no punches. You know what I mean? It’s easy to beat somebody who throws 15 punches a round, man. It’s what I like to call ‘the numbers game.’ Right? At this level we’re all professional elite athletes. So where is Danny’s athleticism? Right? We see it in a little bit of his awkward shoulder roll, his lil’ awkward ducking and dodging, and we see the beauty of his boxing in his timing.

“Everybody knows Danny Garcia can time you, he can time you. But what about when he just needs to fight you, you know? He’s not doing that. And Crawford, he switches, he moves around the ring, he has great hand speed, and if you know Danny the way I know Danny, hand speed is intimidating for him. Almost more intimidating than power itself. Okay? He doesn’t like hand speed. He didn’t like it with Amir Khan, he didn’t like it with me, he didn’t like it with Lamont Peterson — don’t matter! He don’t like hand speed, and Terence Crawford has hand speed.

“So I think out of all the rolling of the dice and putting a gamble out there, yeah, I think Bob Arum was comfortable [with making the offer to Garcia].”

On if he would rate Crawford in his top 3 welterweights if he beat Garcia:

“Oh, definitely...but, you know, like I said, you still have the whole Porter issue. Porter beat [Garcia], and I think Porter is way more physical. I don’t think it’s the same fight if Bud fights Porter now. I’m not sure that Bud beats Porter. You know? I can lean towards Bud against Danny...I only lean towards Shawn because Danny is a puncher, boy. He’s a puncher, man. He hit me in my arm, I couldn’t raise it for two days after the fight...

“And the way it felt, I was also happy it that that was my arm because if it was my chin I know that I wouldn’t have been able to withstand that blow. Okay? There’s only a limit, and when you produce power above a limit it don’t matter who you are, there ain’t no [iron jaw]. A lot of times when you see fighters take good punches, someway somehow it wasn’t a good punch...”

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