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Dereck Chisora talks about his knockout loss to Dillian Whyte

Chisora says he plans to bounce back and continue fighting.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As I play catch-up from the holiday hangover, here’s the post-fight press conference from Dereck Chisora, who lost his rematch against Dillian Whyte by late knockout while he was up on the scorecards. Check out some his reflections on the fight...

“It was a great fight,” Chisora began. “It was a great fight, I enjoyed it from Round 1 until it ended with a good left hook. Am I upset with this loss I got now? No, I’m not really because when you get knocked out it’s much better than losing on points. Fair dues to my opponent because when he chucked his shot, I was chucking one — his landed first, and that was it. I found myself on the floor. I’m not really annoyed about it but I was enjoying the fight.”

On him having come back from losses before and if he plans to come back again and seek another rematch with Whyte:

“Nah, I don’t know. Yeah, we’ll bounce back. We’ll see...There’s fights out there. You know, it’s not like I lost a terrible loss or it was a crappy fight or anything like that. It was a great fight, I enjoyed it. You know, I just got caught with a left hook and that was it, and I was chucking my left hook as well. So, yeah, we’ll come back.”

On if he’s considering retirement:

“Nah, not yet. Get hit on the chin, man, you just gonna go on the floor.”

Of if David Haye is tempted to encourage Chisora to retire:

“Fuck that shit, man” Chisora interjected. “Do you want me to retire?! Everytime somebody sees failure they think everybody should retire. You know, that’s a disease we have in Great Britain — when you see failure you be like ‘oh, he has to retire ‘cause he’s seen failure.’ No. Keep going. You just go and go until you can’t go anymore. So I don’t think so.”

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