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Robert Garcia asked if he’ll throw in the towel for Mikey, says they’re training to win

Garcia answers media questions while at the Davis-Mares press conference.

While on site for the opening Gervonta Davis vs. Abner Mares press conference, trainer Robert Garcia was asked about his brother Mikey Garcia’s upcoming fight against Errol Spence Jr. During the Q&A period one reporter plainly asks Robert if he’ll be prepared to save his brother Mikey by throwing in the towel if things get ugly. Check out some excerpts below...

Robert Garcia on if he would’ve preferred that Mikey had tested the waters at 147 before jumping in against Spence:

“We would’ve wanted him to do that. That was what, myself and my dad, were trying to convince him to do but he chose — we couldn’t change his mind. He wants to challenge himself to fight the best welterweight out there.”

On concerns about whether or not he’ll be prepared to throw in the towel:

“We’re not even thinking about that but I am an experienced boxing trainer and I’ve done it before. I think with any of my fighters — not just Mikey ‘cause he’s my brother — any of my fighters, if I see that one of my fighters is getting hurt and there’s no chance of him winning the fight, of course I’m gonna stop my fighter. I’ve done it before. It’s nothing new and any experienced trainer should do stuff like that for his fighter.

“You know, I’m not saying that’s what we’re looking at, that’s the plan for Mikey — we’re planning on winning. And that’s one thing we’re training for, we’re training to win. But any of my fighters get hurt and has no chance, then of course I’m gonna stop the fight.”

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