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Davis: Farmer’s too small, I’ma hit him and knock him across the ring

Gervonta Davis explains why it’s frustrating that some fans believe Tevin Farmer is on his level.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, junior lightweight titleholder Gervonta Davis talks about his ongoing feud with Tevin Farmer and his upcoming plans for 2019. Check it out...

Davis on his beef with Farmer:

“Beef is not talking on Instagram and things like that, but we had a lot of exchanged words so I’m ready to fight him whenever his team ready. Well, his is ready and my team ready so I dunno what’s the hold up. It’s just about getting the job done.”

On if he thinks the a fight with Farmer should happen on PPV instead of DAZN, where Farmer’s aligned:

“Yeah, it can be on PPV. I don’t think that DAZN get — I’m not knocking Eddie at all — I’m just saying that me and Tevin, we need to fight on — that could be PPV, Showtime PPV. So I’m ready whenever he ready.”

On his thoughts about Farmer’s last fight against Fonseca:

“Yeah, I seen it. No [I’m not impressed]. I think he needs to pick it up because he’s fighting like — yeah he fought someone I fought but I think he need to step it up. I think he need to step it up before he get in the ring with a real fight like me and it ain’t all good. So, I mean, we’ll see.”

On if he believes Farmer is on the same skill level as him:

“Well the people see it like we’re even or he better than me. Yes, [that pisses me off]. At first he had a belt and he was ranked #14. Like when he had the belt he was ranked 14, he probably ranked 8 now but, he was ranked 14 when he had the belt — I mean when he got the belt and he fought probably like 2 times after that...How you gonna be ranked 14 with a belt? It don’t make sense, you know what I’m saying?

“And he had four losses. And the guy I knocked out, knocked him out. And he only got 6 knockouts. I don’t know why people think he can beat me. I don’t care about no movement. Listen, I have movement. You know, I have probably one of the — I’m up there with a lot of people. Like even with Loma movement, I believe that my movement is up there with his and whoever else is the best in the game.

“Tevin can try [to outbox me] but Tevin, he too slow. You see how big he is in person? He like Abner. He damn near shorter than Abner. He’s too small. I’ma hit him, knock him all the way across the ring. And he can’t see. So how you gonna keep three people off your ass? You can’t see, how you gonna keep three people off your ass? Man, you ain’t gonna know who to hit.”

On his plans to fight three times in 2019:

“Yeah, hopefully everything go as planned. Three fights a year, we starting off with Abner. We have another big name — well Al [Haymon] have another big name...We’ll be coming back home to Baltimore in July.”

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