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Jono Carroll: Tevin Farmer is a heartless little b*tch

Jono Carroll has plenty of words for Tevin Farmer, a potential future opponent.

Boxing at SSE Arena Belfast Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Irish super featherweight Jono Carroll returns to action this Saturday in Sheffield, England, where he’ll face Guillaume Frenois on the Brook-Zerafa undercard, streaming live on DAZN.

The winner is in line for a shot at IBF titleholder Tevin Farmer, and when it comes to Farmer, the Dublin fighter is not short on words.

From a Matchroom release:

“Tevin is an idiot, he’s a joke of a man. He gives backhanded compliments to his previous opponents that he’s beaten. He does a lot of immature things. He hasn’t got respect for anybody. He’s a fake person. All that flashiness is ridiculous. He does my head in as a person. He’s not a true champion, he doesn’t hold himself like a champion and he doesn’t behave like a champion.

“I can’t wait to put him on a platform and smash him up. I’ll show everyone that he’s nothing but a heartless little bitch. I’m going to tear him apart. I’m as real as they come but I’m a fighter, I’m a warrior. I’ve seen him quit before in the past. I’ve watched his fights where he was beaten. Even the commentators said that he looked to the referee for help. If you’re once soft, you’re always soft.

“For me, he hasn’t got a heart. He’s just had opponents smartly picked for him at this stage of his career and the ones that weren’t smartly picked for him smashed him up and beat him.”

It’s big talk from Carroll (16-0, 3 KO), a fighter who frankly hasn’t faced anyone to get excited about yet, as long as we’re talking about “smartly picked” opposition. But it’s fiery talk, too, the kind that can help sell a fight, and if Carroll does as hoped this weekend against France’s Frenois (46-1, 12 KO), a former European champion, then he and Farmer will have a fight to sell for 2019.

As for Farmer (27-4-1, 6 KO), he’s set to defend his title on Dec. 15, when he takes on Francisco Fonseca (22-1-1, 16 KO) on the Canelo-Fielding undercard in New York, also airing live on DAZN.

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