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Wilder-Fury: Deontay Wilder’s Full Post-Fight Press Conference

Deontay Wilder talks to the media following his draw with Tyson Fury.

In the immediate fallout of Deontay Wilder’s split draw with Tyson Fury on Saturday night, the WBC heavyweight champion showed up to the post-fight presser to discuss his thoughts on the fight. Check out some excerpts below along with the full video above, courtesy of Fight Hub TV.

Wilder on the fight:

“One thing I’m happy about, this fight lived up to the hype. You know, many a times we’ve seen fights being promoted and they talk a good game, you know, they got the hype going, and then when you get in the fight it’s not as hype as the talking was. But in this fight it actually was.

“I think we both did a great promotion, promoting the fight, and the fight lived up to it, you know. I don’t know how he got up, though. I don’t know why they ain’t start the count earlier, you know...but we don’t make no excuses. I started overthrowing my right hand ‘cause I really wanted to get him outta felt like he had baby oil on him too, he was slippery...but all in all I had a lot of fun.”

On if it was difficult for him to get back into fight mode after he was sure he had knocked Fury out and started celebrating:

“...I really thought I had him outta there, ‘cause I hit him with a right hand and followed with the left hook. And, you know, everyone knows I have heavy hands and I hit hard and I literally seen this man’s eyes roll in the back of his head. When I seen Jack [Reiss] on the ground with him, you know, checking him, I’m like ‘it’s over.’ And only God knows how he got back up...”

On if he feels that he neglected the body work which may have opened up the head shots he desperately wanted to land:

“That was definitely the game plan as well, too — to go to the body a little bit more but I got outta the game plan a little bit because I was trying to get him outta there. And I know when I try to get a guy outta there, it never happens. It never happens and I know that. That’s a lesson I learned a long time ago and I resort back to it...I guess it was just the building up to the fight, you know, just really wanting to knock him out for the fans, first pay-per-view, just, you know, all that stuff...Like I said, I’m a man of few excuses...I’m very happy with the performance, I’m happy with the outcome and we live to see another day and do it again for you guys...”

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