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Wilder-Fury: Tyson Fury’s Post-Fight Press Conference

Tyson Fury takes his turn at the podium to discuss his draw with Deontay Wilder.

Tyson Fury stepped to the post-fight press conference following his split decision draw with Deontay Wilder over the weekend to discuss some of his thoughts on the fight. Check out some excerpts below along with the full video of the presser above.

Fury on getting up from the huge knockdowns by Wilder:

“Well, first of all I’d like to thank everybody for turning up for the press conference. I hope everybody enjoyed the fight as much as I did. How did I get up from the knockdowns? I don’t know. I had a holy hand upon me tonight and brought me back. And I got a good fighting spirit and I never say die...Even in the 12th round when I got knocked down heavy, I got back up and probably won the round — fought back and wobbled him a little bit as well.

“Listen, I’m not gonna take anything from Deontay Wilder, ‘The Bronze Bomber,’ the WBC champion of the world. Great fighter, great venue, great team around him. Listen, we can only do our best in that ring and no matter what anybody says or what anybody don’t say, Deontay Wilder is a helluva champion. He showed great heart tonight. I’m not the easiest person in the world to whip as you can see, but he persevered and kept coming all night...”

On if he thinks he would perform even better in a rematch:

“You know, you never can tell. But one thing I do know is there wasn’t many people who thought I could come here and box like that after two-and-a-half years out of the ring and it’s not been any secret what I’ve been doing out the ring. I’ve been living like a rock star. But that ain’t a great thing, by the way, because I’ve had a very low time doing it. And I’ve fought back from suicide and mental health and depression and anxiety and I wanted more than anything tonight to show the world that it can be done. Anything is possible with the right mindset.

“If you believe in yourself and you sacrifice and dedicate with the right help, you can come back!”

On not flipping out about the draw when he strongly believes he won:

“I was telling me brothers and me family to keep quiet. There was about 8,000 travelers and Brits come from around the world. 10,000! They probably would’ve smashed this arena up if I had instigated it. I mean to the floor! I just wanted to be an ambassador for me country and me people.”

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