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Khan: Crawford a bigger fight than Brook

Amir Khan seems inclined to skirt a fight with Kell Brook once again.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, Amir Khan talks a little about which fight he’s targeting next, and why British fight fans will give him a pass if he opts to fight Terence Crawford next, instead of bitter rival Kell Brook.

Khan on what he intends to do next:

“You know, you got the Brook fight. There’s talk of some other big names, pound-for-pound, big fighters happening. So, I mean, we’re just waiting on Eddie [Hearn] to get back to me. He’s supposed to get back to me today so let’s see what happens.”

On potentially facing Terence Crawford:

“I mean there’s a fight there that’s been offered. Yeah 100%. Crawford’s a great name, great fighter. I think it’s a big fight so definitely. Look, that’s another fight that can happen. Pound-for-pound title on the line as well, which not many people get the opportunity to fight for. I’ve got the opportunity to fight for that pound-for-pound title so, 100% love to take that chance.”

On fans wanting him to finally face Kell Brook and if that’s an important fight for him:

“100%, it’s a massive fight. I think the Crawford fight is a bigger fight, don’t get me wrong, globally and for a world title, and it’s for the pound-for-pound title. So that’s two titles on the line there, whereas the Brook fight — you know, it’s a massive fight in the UK, definitely. Massive fight.

“So, you know, but I think if I took the Crawford fight I don’t think the UK fight fans would be upset, because at the end of the day they know that it’s a massive fight and they know the Brook fight can happen after that.”

[Editor’s Note: Khan must’ve started his holiday drinking early. There would be NO ‘pound-for-pound’ title on the line. Crawford has an argument as boxing’s #1 P4P fighter, but he’s generally regarded as #2 at the moment. And even in the off chance Khan were to beat Crawford (I don’t care if he fucking decapitates him with his first punch) there’s no way Khan catapults from unrated to #1. Frankly it’s an asinine proposition which Khan casually conveys as an obvious fact — precisely what makes him one of my favorite boxing personalities!]

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