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Vasiliy Lomachenko gets ‘NXT photo’ treatment from WWE’s Triple H

Stand and point.

If you’re at all a WWE/NXT fan, this will at least make sense to you. If not, you can probably just move along.

If you are a fan of the biggest pro wrestling company in the world, you probably know about the “NXT photo.” Paul Levesque, aka Triple H, is the head of WWE’s NXT developmental program, and when a new professional wrestler signs with the company and starts there, there’s a thing where they stand by HHH for a photo op, and he points at them. It’s become a sort of goofy tradition, one that is basically expected of everyone who comes through NXT.

Last night in New York, unified lightweight champion Vasiliy Lomachenko got the treatment.

At just 135 pounds (at least before rehydrating), Lomachenko would be small for even WWE’s cruiserweight division, which has a max limit of 205, but you never know, Floyd Mayweather fought Big Show at WrestleMania once. Anything can happen.

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