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Junior Younan predicts a ShoBox knockout

Junior Younan faces Ronald Ellis in Friday’s ShoBox main event.

Andre Ward v Alexander Brand Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

There’s a good lil’ heap of buzz surrounding Junior Younan as he ticks down to his ShoBox main event tango against Ronald Ellis, which unfurls Friday evening on Showtime.

Younan is a Roc Nation boxer, and, by the way, proof that those guys are still in the game, despite seeing Miguel Cotto and Andre Ward exit the big stage.

I asked the Brooklyner how he’s feeling and thinking as he looks to fight night. What’s his prediction for Younan v Ellis, from Iowa?

“A statement, Woodsy,” the 13-0 scrapper, age 22, told me.

A vicious one?

“You know me, Woodsy,” he replied. “I’m in the best shape of my life and I will not stop until I bring that belt home.”

That belt is referring to is the vacant USBA 168 strap, for the record.

I do know you, I told him. You are not the guy who will tell me, “I’m not looking for the knockout. I will take it if it’s there.”

“Knockout, Woodsy,” he said, with chilling simplicity.

My three cents: Guys want to leave themselves an out so if they don’t get that KO, they can have some wiggle room. Hence we hear, “I’m not looking for the KO.” It’s very rare in this age to hear fighter say, “I intend to knock my foe out. And firmly believe I will succeed.” When I hear it, I perk up an extra measure.

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