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Garcia-Rios: “Brandon is not easy”

Danny and Angel Garcia talk about why Brandon Rios won’t be an easy fight for them.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview captured by Fight Hub TV, Danny Garcia and his father/trainer Angel Garcia talk about why they’re not taking this weekend’s match-up with Brandon Rios lightly...

Danny Garcia on the perception that Brandon Rios should be a walk in the park for him:

“That’s not my mindset. I never have my mindset like it’s gonna be an easy fight. My mindset is I’m fighting the best Brandon Rios because I don’t ever wanna cheat myself. I wanna come in here, put 100% in the gym, work hard, run everyday, train hard, and that’s what brings the best out of Danny Garcia.

“I can’t really go off what other people say. I don’t pay attention to none of that. I know he’s training hard, you know [it’s an opportunity of a lifetime] for him. So I just gotta stay focused, I gotta — I’m locked in.”

Angel Garcia on if he expects Brandon Rios to be an easy fight for his son:

“Well the thing is that people that’s saying it’s easy ‘cause they probably never threw a punch in their life. ‘Cause boxing bro, I don’t care who you fight, it’s not easy. Any time you fight anybody it’s hard ‘cause ain’t nobody like getting punched in the face. So as soon as somebody tell you ‘meet me outside’ you gonna be looking at your friend saying ‘Yo, get in between this! Stop it. When I go outside you stop it, please.’ So ain’t nothing easy, bro.

“Listen, like I said, the people that say that never had a street fight. They never got punched in the tip of the nose to say ‘it’s nothin’ easy.’ Brandon’s not easy. It might be the fight of the year after Danny get done with him...This gonna be a great fight. Brandon is a good opponent for Danny...anything easy is when they give you something for free...Anytime you gotta work for it, it’s not easy...

“[Brandon] ain’t gonna win ‘cause we ain’t gonna give him that. He’s still Danny Garcia, he never got his ass whooped, Thurman ain’t do nothin’ to Danny ‘cause the one in the hospital with a broken elbow is [Thurman].”

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