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Groves vs Eubank: Fighters trade shots at final presser

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George Groves and Chris Eubank Jr are just days away from their big fight.

George Groves v Chris Eubank Jr. - Press Conference Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

With their World Boxing Super Series showdown just days away, Chris Eubank Jr and WBA super middleweight champion George Groves met for their final press conference on Wednesday.

Eubank (26-1, 20 KO) poked at Groves’ claims of Eubank being a phony:

“You’ve called me a ‘gimmick’ and ‘Insta-famous’ and you are obsessed with this whole - trying to get across to the public that I’m not real. I think it’s plain to see that is ludicrous, and if anything I think you would love to be me. You would love to be in my position, you would love to have the Instagram followers and the style.

”You are even wearing the same suit that I wore when we had our first face-off, hyping the fight. I think you are jealous, George. You are in big trouble, my friend.”

Groves (27-3, 20 KO) responded with, well, more of what he’s been saying:

“He is a cliché, he is a gimmick. I’ve been here, I’ve done this many, many times. This is just another step along my journey. I’m in great shape. I’m ready to do a proper number on him on Saturday night. I’m the legitimate world champion sitting at this table. I’m the No 1 seed in this tournament, and I will go on to win this tournament.”

The two meet on Saturday at Manchester Arena, with a spot in the WBSS final against either Callum Smith or Juergen Braehmer on the line, as well as Groves’ WBA belt.