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Lo Greco: Khan can’t reinvent himself, he’s done!

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Phil Lo Greco talks to Fight Hub TV about his scheduled April 21 fight with Amir Khan and his expectations for the bout...

Lo Greco on how he sees his fight with Khan playing out:

“Very simple, I just have to be the best version of myself. I never had a long training camp, most of my fights always been on short notice. Let’s take a look at my record: Spence, two day notice; the fight with Porter, he beat me fair and square, I trained for six weeks. So for this fight I’ve got 12 weeks to train for this fight, I’m excited, I’m thrilled, and people gonna see a different Phil Lo Greco.”

On what flaws he sees in Khan:

“So, picture like get into a major car accident, you in a coma for two years. Now you gonna get inside the car. Are you gonna be scared to drive the car? That’s what it is. Amir Khan has had that [last knockout] in his head for two years. He’s achieved a lot in boxing, I’ll take off my hat to him, but it’s done. You can’t reinvent yourself.

“You ever play that game Street Fighter? You run outta lives sooner or later. And April 21st he gonna run outta lives.”