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Ortiz vs Alexander results: Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander fight to majority draw

Devon Alexander appeared to deserve the win, but left with a draw against Victor Ortiz.

Juan Yepez/Premier Boxing Champions
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Any draw in boxing is debatable by its very nature, but tonight’s majority draw between Victor Ortiz and Devon Alexander in the PBC on FOX main event will leave many scratching their heads, wondering how Alexander didn’t get the win.

Official scores for the fight were 114-114, 114-114, and 115-113 for Ortiz, a majority draw. BLH scored the fight 117-111 for Alexander, who did the more consistent work throughout the fight, often stifling a great effort from Ortiz, and the FOX broadcast team felt that Alexander had clearly won, as well.

“It’s quite obvious to any trained eye that Devon Alexander won the fight. Not taking anything away from Victor Ortiz’s effort, he gave a gallant effort,” trainer and commentator Virgil Hunter said after the fight.

With TV time constraints, neither fighter was able to do an in-ring interview after the bout, but surely each man would say he felt he won.

But there is good news for both fighters here, too. Ortiz (32-6-3, 25 KO) and Alexander (27-4-1, 14 KO) both fought well overall, and both looked sharp at age 31, coming into this fight lacking marquee wins in recent years. The two men looked perfectly capable of going forward into other solid fights, and I would have said the same if Alexander had won on cards exactly the way I scored the fight.

Ortiz looked a little lost in spots early in the fight, but went against the reputation that he gives up on himself, and fought hard the whole night. He suffered a cut early on his hairline, and his left eye swelled nearly shut in the early rounds, too. But he was there, fighting like a man hungry to win. Even if he had lost, I’d say it was the best we’ve seen Ortiz look in years, because it was.

As for Alexander, to me he looked sharper, he was the more consistent fighter, he landed more accurately, and he did more damage. He was the better fighter tonight, but he leaves with a draw. The only good news for him is he wasn’t flat out robbed and handed a loss, which would have been devastating.

And of course the conspiracy theorist in me is saying this works out perfectly for Al Haymon and the PBC brand, as they now have two guys with some name value back in the mix at welterweight instead of just one, and they can feed one or the other to bigger, younger names later this year, but then that is a story for another time.

Who did you have winning?

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