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Danny Garcia: If Shawn Porter is next, he’s next

Danny Garcia discusses his win over Brandon Rios, Shawn Porter’s challenge, and more.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On his win over Brandon Rios

“I thought it was a good fight. It wasn’t my best performance, I felt a little rusty a little bit in the beginning. My legs felt strong, though. Usually my legs don’t feel that strong, but my legs felt real strong, so I was able to use my lateral movement, side-to-side, and then close the show.”

“What it’d end in, the ninth? I think he won about two or three rounds, maybe. He probably won about two good rounds, two or three, I would say.”

“I knew he was gonna come to fight. He’s a good inside fighter, he let his hands go on the inside. I tried to show him I was the bigger, stronger guy by standing in there, but — he was landing on me, but I should’ve never did that. It’s a learning experience, and we won’t do it next time.”

“I didn’t even feel like I threw (the KO punch) that hard. I just felt like I slipped and I just threw it. It was a straight punch and I knew it landed. But I didn’t think that would’ve been the shot. ... The way he fell back like that, I knew it was over. I knew he had a big heart and I knew he was gonna get up. But if he let him (continue), I was, like, damn, I probably would’ve finished him ugly.”

On Shawn Porter’s confrontation

“I’m not gonna let nobody step to me, you feel me? That’s how I am. I don’t back down from nobody. You step to me, I’m stepping back. I never went in his ring after his wins, I respected him. But he disrespected me, I had to come back.”

“I’ll fight anybody. I’ll fight Shawn Porter. If he’s next, he’s next. I’ll fight anybody. This is what I do. I’m a fighter.”

On rematching Keith Thurman

“It’s two different fights. You can’t really go on this fight and the Thurman fight, because he’s a different style. He’s not gonna stand in front of me. But I know what I can do better going into the second fight. I started too late, and I could’ve done a lot of things better. If it ever comes back around, I know what I gotta do.”

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