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Shawn Porter: Danny Garcia has to go through me

Shawn Porter discusses his confrontation with Danny Garcia and more.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On not getting Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman right now

“I’m here to let them know I’m ready for them. I’m here to let them know that it’s Showtime. I’m here to let them know that. Keith Thurman says he’s some months away from fighting me. I say, Danny Garcia fought in February, come back in July, and do it against somebody else that can really get down with you.”

On going into the ring after Garcia-Rios

“When I found out he was fighting here, I was, like, it’s time to make some noise against this guy. I’m not gonna let him come to where I live and not pay him a visit, not get up close and personal with him. I knew it was coming. Tonight was more of a game time decision. Coming here, I knew I was gonna do it, but watching the fight play out, he didn’t really dominate the way I thought he would.

“In this business, you gotta put some butts in the seats. Honestly, I thought up until the knockout — it wasn’t 50-50, but it wasn’t 100 percent Danny. And I want you to know, when I get in the ring to challenge you, I’m getting in the ring to challenge the best. Up until the knockout, he didn’t look like the best. But he came to and he landed the big right hand.”

“Danny Garcia does a terrible job of moving his feet, sliding out. Lotta holes, lotta kinks in his armor. But we gotta make this fight happen. I think this fight should happen next. Keith Thurman is dragging his feet, he wants to get a tune-up fight. So now Danny Garcia is the mandatory to fight the winner of Keith and I. I’m saying, skip that and fight me now. It’s a great fight. I’ll outbox him, outpunch him, and knock him out.”

“They know me, they know who I am. Y’all know who I am. I’m not gonna say nothing that I don’t mean, I’m not gonna do nothing that I don’t mean. Months ago when I did the thing on Instagram, it was funny, it was cool, I was calling you out and everything. Now I’m letting you know that I mean it.

“You’re a 147-pounder, you’re at the top of the division, you got one loss, and in order to fight the guy who gave you that one loss, you gotta go through me. Simple as that.”

On targeting Danny Garcia

“I’m gonna keep going for Danny. Keith’s got his thing going on, I understand. I’m not here to wait. I’m not gonna wait on Keith. So until that time comes, like I said, last year, Danny Garcia fought one time. He fought one time last year. If he thinks he can be in this business, be at the top of the division, and not show he’s at the top of this division, he got this game twisted.”

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