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Shawn Porter confronts Keith Thurman over rematch

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Porter and Thurman go back-and-forth over when they might fight again.

Former welterweight champion Shawn Porter has been keeping himself busy, agitating the division’s elite as he seeks to land another notable fight. Porter first crashed Danny Garcia’s post-fight interview to call Danny out in front of the world, and then he decided to pull up a seat next to Keith Thurman to ask when he was going to come off the bench to fight him.

“You wanna know when [we’re going to rematch]?” Thurman said to Porter. “I’ll actually tell you when right now, to your face. Whenever the hell I feel like it! OR, whenever they mandate it, pimp...You wanna talk to somebody, talk to the sanctioning bodies. Because until then I ain’t worried about you. I wasn’t worried about you when I first fought you, I wasn’t worried about you when I brought you in for the sparring, I wasn’t worried about you when we was doing work in Colorado Springs as youngins. I’ve never been worried about you, Shawn.

“I’ll give you all a little prediction of the future, ‘cause only I know my real future...You are a potential opponent for later this year. You are! So do a little bit more prayer, dog. Do a little bit more prayer, you might get it.”

The two then went on a little repartee for several minutes, looking like they we’re more or less having fun with one another, until the interview began wrapping up and the fighters got in each other’s faces while tensions flared.

Check out the full video above, courtesy of Fight Hub TV.