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Groves: Eubank is all talk, no substance

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George Groves says Chris Eubank Jr. has tried to talk himself into being a class fighter, but that it was all smoke and mirrors.

George Groves v Chris Eubank JR: Super Middleweight Semi-Final - World Boxing Super Series Photo by Mark Robinson/Getty Images

George Groves, fresh of his World Boxing Super Series win over Chris Eubank Jr., is now seriously doubting Eubank’s future in the sport, saying that the fighter tried to manifest all of his brash talk into something tangible, but predictably failed.

“He dreams big, which is good on him, but tried to fill it out with fairy dust,” Groves exclusively told Sky Sports.

”There is no substance to anything behind him. Maybe this is the best way to do it, because you’ll never really know his limitations, but he’s never going to go any further.”

Groves went on to say that he didn’t even have a specific game plan when preparing to face Eubank this past weekend, and he didn’t really need one because Eubank’s style has no depth to it. The general idea the whole time was for Groves to just keep a jab in his face and slide off to his right, and that’s all that was needed to tame Eubank.

With Groves now securing a place in the WBSS finals this summer, he’s expected to find out how badly he injured his shoulder this week, but is hopeful that he’ll be able to get back in time to fight for all the marbles.