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Mikey Garcia: I’m coming to 147!

Mikey Garcia talks about his upcoming fight against Sergey Lipinets and his intentions to move up to welterweight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Mikey Garcia prepares to challenge Sergey Lipinets for his IBF 140lb title next month, Garcia talks to Fight Hub TV about the fight and him targeting a move up to the 147lb division.

Garcia on if he even thought he would’ve climbed up so many divisions, starting at 126lbs:

“It wasn’t a plan. I never thought about, you know, doing this...I honestly believed that I would probably be a fighter fighting at featherweight, then moving up to junior lightweight, and maybe finishing off at lightweight. That’s kind of how I saw my career shaping up and planning out but your body grows, plans change, you gotta be able to adjust and be flexible with your career and now we’re going for the fourth division at 140 and now I honestly see myself going up to welterweight very soon also.

“So I don’t know where the limit might be, or where that ceiling might be, but I’m just very happy to be where I’m at and be able to have the opportunities and possibilities to win titles in all these divisions and just be a big name in boxing.”

On what differences he’s noticed as he’s moved up in weight:

“Well the only difference is that because I’m fighting bigger men, naturally they’re bigger than me, they might be able to take a better punch and my power might not be as effective. But it only takes the one good punch to really hurt someone. So when I did fight Broner he was bigger naturally, so I wasn’t able to land a great shot like I would want to. He was also very defensive throughout the night, trying to avoid getting hit. That tells me he respected the power but also that maybe my power is not as great anymore.

“I feel strong, I feel great, but because they’re bigger they can take a better punch. We’ll see how it goes down on March 10th. Sergey Lipinets is again, naturally the 140-pounder, I’m not, but I think I got the skills to beat him. Size disadvantage, that’s the only thing that I see, but if the right punch lands I think I could hurt him too because I do have power — I know I have the power — you just gotta land that one right punch.”

On if he thinks Lipinets is a favorable style match-up for him:

“You know, I’ve seen a little bit about him and from what I’ve seen he’s not what people are painting out...From what I’ve seen the guy can box, the guy can move, he can fight walking backwards, but he can also come forward and land some overhand rights, deadly overhand rights. So there’s a lot more to it than people are thinking.

“What I see is that he’s very dangerous, he’s strong, he’s a world champion for a reason, with only 13 fights. I mean it took me 35 to become world champion and it only took him 13 so that tells you the guy knows what he’s doing inside the ring...But I think I still have more boxing skills, better boxing skills. I think my timing, my distance, I think I would probably just say I’m a little more polished and that’s what’s gonna help me win my fight on March 10th. I just gotta be careful with that size, that’s it, for that power.”

On if he was serious about telling Keith Thurman and Terence Crawford he’ll be gunning for them:

“Look, like I said, at first I didn’t think I’d be fighting at this high of a weight division. I saw myself maybe maxing out at 135. But things change. Now I’m fighting for a title at 140. I can guarantee I’m coming to welterweight. I’m coming to 147. I’m coming to 147 whether it’s later this year, next year, I’m coming! And those are the guys that are there so who else am I gonna challenge to make a name for myself in the division? I have to go after the champions and they happen to be champions. So that’s who I’m gonna gun for, that’s who I’m gonna come for. And they might not take me as serious right now because I’m still lighter in weight class but the time will come and that’s who I’ma go after.”

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