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Bellew-Haye II: Face Off (Video)

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Tony Bellew and David Haye come face-to-face ahead of ther scheduled May 5 rematch.

Ahead of their May 5th sequel set for the O2 Arena, Tony Bellew and David Haye face off during the press conference formally announcing their rematch.

The pair first squared off about a year ago, but Haye’s achilles gave way which only led to him getting battered until a stoppage was forced by Bellew. That defeat, particularly under those circumstances, left sort of a bitter taste in Haye’s mouth, and he’s desperate to make things right in this rematch.

During the face-to-face Bellew and Haye exchanged some words (most likely not pleasantries) and gave each other a nice long stare without going nose-to-nose. Check out the full video clip above, courtesy of Fight Hub TV.