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Dear World, Sincerely Regis Prograis

Junior welterweight contender Regis Prograis formally introduces himself to the world.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Regis Prograis (20-0, 17 KOs) gets set to contend for his first world title against Julius Indongo (22-1, 11 KOs) on March 9, the 140-pound contender pens an open letter (in video format) to introduce himself to the world.

“Dear World,

“Everyday I wake up with you on my mind. I need you to know my name. I fought through blood, sweat, and pain to become one of the greats. One of your greats. How will you remember me? Well, that story’s being written.

“As a kid from New Orleans, Louisiana, things weren’t easy for me. Rough is all I know. It’s crazy how a city that is so lively and beautiful could have such a dark side. But the dark side made me. The struggle helped build my character. It made me mentally strong.

“The streets of New Orleans gave me a tough edge that can’t be matched by anyone in the world. With every step I take towards the ring I become more dangerous, more focused. When I step into the ropes I bring my city with me. That’s when something deep within me takes complete control of my mind, and my body. I become a savage — a beast out for blood...I become The Rougarou.

“I writing this letter to introduce myself to you, world. It’s my time. A world title within reach. Let me be your champion. My promise to you is to work non-stop every single day. Outside the ring I’ll be the positive role model that our youth needs. And inside the ring I’ll be your warrior. You are more than fans. You are now Team Regis. Thank you in advance for riding with me.


“Regis Prograis.”

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