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Nietes vs Reveco results: Donnie Nietes stops Juan Carlos Reveco to retain title

Donnie Nietes showed off his craft and some power against Juan Carlos Reveco.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

HBO’s Superfly II card got off to a solid start tonight, with Donnie Nietes stopping top contender Juan Carlos Reveco in the seventh round to retain the IBF flyweight title.

The official time of the stoppage was 0:53 of round seven.

Nietes (41-1-4, 23 KO) showed off his excellent craft early in the fight, and began landing consistent power punches around the fourth round, particularly working well with his left hook.

But it was a right hand that really finished things, right at the bell to end round six. Nietes landed that shot, and Reveco (39-4, 13 KO) was out on his feet, staggering to his corner. At that point, the fight probably should have been stopped, as Reveco’s corner railed away about the punch having come after the bell.

Still, they sent the fighter out for round seven, and it was a mistake. Reveco clearly had no legs, and Nietes saw it. The Filipino champion pounced quickly, and Reveco more or less fell over under pressure. Luckily, the corner waved the white towel there, with Reveco having nothing left, a sitting duck for Nietes.

CompuBox had Nietes landing 100 of 407 (25%) punches, and 77 of 258 (30%) power shots, compared to just 40 of 318 (13%) for Reveco, including 36 of 195 (18%) of his power punches.

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