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Andre Ward discusses Sor Rungvisai-Estrada

Andre Ward gives his thoughts on the SuperFly II main event.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

On the SuperFly II main event

“The main event was tremendous. When I’m calling a fight, I have a sense of the way that it’s going, but I’m not judging it the way Harold is, round for round. So I have to go back and look at it, but it was definitely a tough fight, and right now I feel like the fight could’ve went either way. Maybe with Sor Rungvisai having the edge, maybe, but I don’t think we could’ve complained if it went the other way.”

On a rematch between Sor Rungvisai and Estrada

“Selfishly, I do want to see it, like, immediately, but I think both guys should probably take an interim fight and do a self-evaluation and then see if it makes sense physically to bring it back, because that was a brutal fight.”

On the stories of the main event fighters

“Both guys have a tremendous story. That’s what shapes a fighter’s mind, shapes a fighter’s mentality. To the average person, boxing is a foolish game. You’re fighting, you’re getting hit in the head, you’re battling, and to the average joe, they’re, like, ‘Why would you want be part of a sport like this?’

“This sport has saved a lot of lives. It’s put people in positions they might not be in in some cases. Their past has shaped them, that’s why they can take a shot that the average person would cower from, and come back and hit the other guy and battle they way they did for 36 minutes.

“I think boxing is a beautifully ugly sport, and I love it.”

On Sor Rungvisai’s wins over top fighters

“He’s got a lot of fights. He’s got almost 50 fights. He’s got a lot of experience. He’s got ring experience, he’s got life experience. When you beat a guy like Chocolatito two times, and starch him like he did the second time, your game’s gonna go to the next level.

“And he’s getting recognized in Thailand like never before. He works for the police force, I think they’re putting him through school. His life is changing. This is a guy who was eating out of a trash can. The things happening to him are probably something he never thought would happen in his wildest dreams, and he’s an extremely hard worker from what you see and what you hear.

“Every time we interview him in a fighter’s meeting after a win, he says he trained harder for this fight than I did the last one. We’re, like, ‘You can train harder than you did the last fight?’ And he finds a way, so hats off to him.”

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