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Luis Nery overweight, stripped of title ahead of Shinsuke Yamanaka rematch

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The fight is still on, but only Yamanaka will be eligible to win the belt.

All that tainted beef must’ve really caught up to Luis Nery, who was unable to hit the 118lb limit for his mandated title rematch with Shinsuke Yamanaka. ESPN reports that Nery first stepped on the scale at 123lbs, five pounds over the weight limit, with Nery then given two hours to try again, only managing to get down to 121lbs.

Nery was then immediately stripped of his WBC bantamweight title with it being declared vacant. Yamanaka weighed-in just under the limit at 117.5lbs, and now only Yamanaka will be able to gain the title with a win in this fight.

“This championship belt is for my newly born daughter in December, and I have to bring it back to her,” Yamanaka said this week.

Nery originally won the title from Yamanaka last August, but was subsequently revealed to have tested positive for banned substances, which he claimed came from tainted meat. The WBC apparently couldn’t prove otherwise, so didn’t strip Nery of the title, but did order him to fight Yamanaka again.

And the show goes on...