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Jason Easton responds to fiery Glenn Foot comments, talks potential fight with Josh Taylor

Jason Easton spoke to Bad Left Hook before Saturday's fight with Glenn Foot for the vacant junior welterweight Commonwealth title.

Undefeated prospect Jason Easton confidently responded to claims made by adversary Glenn Foot as the two prepare to battle for the vacant super-lightweight Commonwealth title in Glasgow on Saturday.

“I read the interview he did with you on his Facebook today," Easton (11-0, 6 KO) said.

“80% of the guys I fought through the amateurs fight similarly to him, I do believe it’s going to be a hard fight but one I’m very confident of winning. I know it’s going to be tough fight, but I love a tough fight.

“Everyone keeps saying ‘he’s done this and that at the top level,’ but I’m very confident I can beat him. This is why I’ve taken the fight, people are going to see a very good Jason Easton.

“He thinks he’s going to walk through me but he’s the one who’s in for a massive shock, and that’s a promise.

“To give him his dues, he should have beaten Josh Leather — my trainer disagreed with me, but he did enough to win a close fight in my eyes.

"But he’s going to lose on Saturday," he added.

And when asked whether he would utilise more pugilistic methods to counter the Sunderland-born fighter’s front foot style, the orthodox boxer explained he “wasn’t going to give too much away.”

“We’ve got a game plan back in the gym, you’ll see on the night.”

The 26-year-old puncher competes in the same super-lightweight division as breakout fighter and fellow Scotsman Josh Taylor, which could lead to a domestic dustup in the future.

"We do speak a bit. Obviously, it’s on my mind that the Taylor fight could happen at some point."

"We’re both at the same weight and we’re both winning, it would be a top-level British fight. It’s a possibility that it could happen."

But Easton, who turned pro in 2015, explained that he wouldn’t allow friendship with Taylor to hamper his preparations should the pair one day meet in the ring.

"We’ll just have to put the friendship aside for that one fight, but we’ll probably go out for a beer or whatever afterwards."

"Even though we’re mates and we’ve been around the amateur scene together for years, I’ll be able to block that out as a professional."

Edinburgh-born Easton is guided by trainer Kenny McCartney, a partnership which has lasted through Easton’s time as an amateur and into the professional ranks.

"Staying with Kenny was the best thing I could have done when turning professional, I've been with him since I was 15."

"If you look at the likes of Joe Calzaghe, he stuck with his dad. I think the bond between me and Kenny has a lot to do with it, he knows me better than any other coach.

"I wouldn’t have wanted a new coach to come in and change my style. I’m very happy with the way things are going and the way things have always went."

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