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Ramirez vs Ahmed: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Gilberto Ramirez and Jerwin Ancajas make title defenses on ESPN.

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Tonight at 10:15 pm ET on ESPN, Gilberto Ramirez and Jerwin Ancajas return to make defenses of their world titles.

In the main event, Ramirez (36-0, 24 KO) will defend his WBO super middleweight world title against Ghana’s Habib Ahmed (25-0-1, 17 KO). Ahmed has never fought outside of his home country and has never fought at this level, so he’s something of a wild card here. Ramirez is making the third defense of the title he won from Arthur Abraham in 2016.

The co-feature will see Ancajas (28-1-1, 19 KO) defend his IBF super flyweight world title against Israel Gonzalez (21-1, 8 KO). Ancajas is a serious favorite here, but this is meant to be something of a showcase, as he’s making his debut in the United States. He’s an exciting young fighter in a great division.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call tonight. Join us for all the action!


  • GILBERTO RAMIREZ def. HABIB AHMED by TKO (2:31 of Round 6)
  • JERWIN ANCAJAS def. ISRAEL GONZALEZ by TKO (1:50 of Round 10)



Round 1: Ahmed comes out keeping a far distance from Ramirez. Ramirez catches Ahmed with a left hand. Ramirez looks so much bigger than Ahmed in there! Check right hook lands for Ramirez but he didn't put much on it — probably wishes he did. Ramirez pressing Ahmed, trying to impose his size on Ahmed a little. A couple of left hands lands for Ramirez. Ahmed really focused on his defense but isn't able to land many clean shots. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 2: Both fighters miss a number of shots to open the round. Straight left to the body lands for Ramirez. Ramirez has Ahmed moving backwards but he stands his ground a little now and lands a couple right hands. Hard straight left lands for Ramirez. Ahmed attacks back right away with a few punches. Ramirez closes in on Ahmed and strafes him along the ropes with a number of punches. Ahmed tries a double right hand but it doesn't land with much pop. Ramirez 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Ramirez stalking Ahmed and lands a couple body shots to both sides. Ahmed attacks back but mostly catches Ramirez's guard. Now Ramirez presses forward again and Ramirez is bleeding from his left eye. Referee calls a timeout and rules the cut came from an accidental head clash. Ramirez looks like he wants to make an impression now and attacks Ahmed along the ropes. Hard right uppercut to the body lands for Ramirez and he's starting to hurt Ahmed! Ramirez 10-9.

Round 4: Ramirez comes out pressing Ahmed again and touches him with a stiff jab. Ahmed laying back and looking for counter opportunities but is having a little trouble finding what he's looking for. Ramirez attacks again and land s a few punches as he has Ahmed along the ropes. A few more hard shots land for Ramirez. Ahmed needs to stay off the ropes but is finding himself on them more and more as the fight progresses. Ramirez throwing combinations and Ahmed sneaks in a couple singular shots. If Ramirez could cut off the ring a little better he might have Ahmed in serious trouble right now. He still wins the round. Ramirez 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Ahmed needs to change something up in this fight quickly. Ramirez pounds Ahmed on the ropes and it's taking a toll. Ahmed not even trying to keep off the ropes much at this point. Hard shots to the head and body rock Ahmed! Ahmed shows a good chin to take those shots. Ahmed purely on the defensive, trying to survive. Ramirez is really putting a beating on Ahmed now. Hard left hook lands for Ramirez with Ahmed on the turnbuckle. Ahmed is getting walloped. Ramirez 10-9.

Round 6: Ramirez chasing Ahmed around the ring but Ahmed is able to evade some big punches. Now Ramirez lands some good shots to the body and Ahmed is a stationary target. I think his legs are basically gone. This fight should be nearing an end. The referee should step in and stop this! Ahmed is basically running away from Ramirez as he takes a frightful beating. This is disgusting. Stop it now, it's not even competitive. Now Ahmed's corner throws in the towel. Finally! Ramirez TKO-6.


Round 1: Ancajas comes out with as stiff jab straight away whichs lands on Gonzalez's nose. Gonzalez tries to retaliate with a big right hook but Ancajas easily slips away. HUGE LEFT HOOK DROPS GONZALEZ ALREADY! Gonzalez beats the count and presses back forward but runs into an Ancajas left hand. Now Gonzalez targets the body and lands on Ancajas' ribs. Another stiff jab lands for Ancajas who is in full control in the opening frame. Ancajas 10-8.

Round 2: Gonzalez comes out trying to press Ancajas again and Ancajas is just looking for counter opportunities. Gonzalez leads with couple punches but Ancajas is able to skate away. Ancajas scrapes Gonzalez with a left hand as he steps to the side and gets the angle. Hard one-two lands for Ancajas. Gonzalez picking up the aggression and gets to Ancajas' body with a couple hooks. Lead left hook splits Gonzalez's guard and lands with a thud. Now Ancajas lands a straight left to the body, and then another one. Ancajas loads up on a homerun right hook but whiffs. Better round for Gonzalez but Ancajas takes it. Ancajas 10-9, 20-17.

Round 3: Ancajas lands two counter shots taking advantage of Gonzalez's forward momentum. Now the fighters trade and Ancajas gets in a solid right hook, Gonzalez shakes his head. Gonzalez targets the body again which is a good idea because it's where he's had his best success thus far. Gonzalez able to avoid a couple of lead left hands from Ancajas and he may be finding the range better. And just as I write that Ancajas lands the left hand as Gonzalez pulls back. Hard jab snaps Gonzalez six inches back. Ancajas 10-9.

Round 4: Ancajas comes out and lands a hard left hand right behind a jab. Ancajas pulls a little Manny Pacquiao move, stepping off to the side as he throws a lead left hand. Hard jab lands again for Ancajas. Gonzalez getting increasingly gun shy although he's still standing in front of Ancajas. Gonzalez looks like he wants to force an exchange with Ancajas where he might have a better chance of landing something big. Ancajas picks off Gonzalez with a few punches to end the round. Ancajas 10-9, 40-35.

Round 5: Ancajas landing a stiff jab with good frequency. Gonzalez gets pissed off and attacks with a flurry of punches! Now Gonzalez is throwing caution to the wind and tries to make it a firefight. Good left hook lands for Gonzalez, followed by two body shots. Ancajas knocks Gonzalez back as he catches him while trying to throw a punch. Now the fighters trade punches at center ring and we've got a fight! Hard right hook lands for Ancajas and Gonzalez ties him up. I'm gonna put Gonzalez on the board here for his work early in the round. Gonzalez 10-9.

Round 6: Counter left to the body lands for Gonzalez. Another counter left hook lands for Gonzalez. Referee calls a timeout to cut some loose tape on Gonzalez's glove. Right to the body lands for Gonzalez and Ancajas responds with a lead left to the head. Gonzalez is waiting on Ancajas again which isn't a good idea because Ancajas has a much better jab and is using it to pick Gonzalez off. Gonzalez is continuing to try to let Ancajas lead so he can counter but he has better success when attacking first. Ancajas 10-9, 59-54.

Round 7: Ancajas comes out with a few lead left hands which partially land. Now a hard straight left lands clean for Ancajas. Gonzalez tries to turn and throw a couple body shots but can't find the target. Ancajas catching Gonzalez regularly with straight left hands because Gonzalez always goes back in straight lines. Hard right to the body lands for Gonzalez. Ancajas misses with a big right hook. Now Gonzalez lands a lead right nut Ancajas gets him back with a right of his own. Ancajas 10-9.

Round 8: Ancajas lands a straight left to the body for one of the few times all fight. Lead left hand lands right between the guard of Gonzalez. ANOTHER lead left lands for Ancajas. Gonzalez really struggling to avoid that shot. One-two lands for Ancajas, then another! If it ain't broke don't fix it, I guess. Ancajas 10-9, 79-72.

Round 9: Ancajas coming out with a long jab to start the round. One-two barely misses from Ancajas. Gonzalez working less and less and as a result he's getting tagged more and more. Left to the body lands for Ancajas. Gonzalez whiffs on a big left to the body. Gonzalez is bleeding from the nose as a result of all the straight shots coming from Ancajas. Gonzalez lands a counter left hook and tries a flurry to end the round. Too late. Ancajas 10-9.

Round 10: Ancajas comes out laying back a bit, perhaps taking a short breather. Now Ancajas throws a few right jabs and finding the distance. Counter right hook stuns Gonzalez momentarily and Ancajas drops Gonzalez with a straight left! Gonzalez barely beats the count but does, then Ancajas tags him straightaway and puts him back on the floor! It's over! Ancajas TKO-10.

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