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Ingle: Brook should fight 2-3 more times and call it a day

Trainer Dominic Ingle gives his thoughts on where Kell Brook is at in his career.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview captured by Fight Hub TV, trainer Dominic Ingle shares his thoughts on what’s next for Kell Brook and what challenges he faces at this this point in his career...

Ingle on if he thinks he lost Kell Brook as a fighter once he started bringing up thoughts of retirement:

“Listen, at the stage where he’s at, look, he’s made a few quid, he’s been in some big fights. Unfortunately, the biggest two fights he really lost. But he’s sort of disappointed because, you know, up until the point of injury he was in the fight with Golovkin, and he was definitely in the fight with Spence. You know, he puts his heart and soul into training camps, Kell Brook. It’s not something half-assed, it is everything. And when you’ve done that and you have to finish, and you don’t get to the endgame — you can understand why he’s disappointed.

“To drag yourself through another 12-16 weeks of training, that’s the hard thing. The fighting is not the hard bit. But, you know, to finish in that way...nobody can know what it’s like. And if [retirement] was the choice that he made that’s the choice he made. Luckily, you know, he’s in a big house, he’s got a few quid, he’s not ever gonna struggle again. But to be motivated from that point it takes some doing because he’s up every morning, look out your bedroom window to your big garden, your big house, and think ‘will I ever have to work again?’

“By the very fact he’s motivated himself, dragged himself out of bed, done a Billy Joe Saunders — gone to live in Kid Galahad’s attic or whatever — it tells you something about Kell Brook. He doesn’t want to finish his career that way. He wants to finish on top so, you know, I’m expecting a good fight in March, another springboard for maybe another two or three big fights, and I think that’s probably the time he needs to call it a day.”

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