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Jones vs Sigmon: Live streaming results and round-by-round coverage

Island Fights 46 streams tonight on UFC Fight Pass.

UFC/Island Fights
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

The reported final fight of 49-year-old Roy Jones Jr’s legendary career takes place tonight in his hometown of Pensacola, Florida, as the main event of a mixed boxing and MMA card called Island Fights 46.

The fights will stream live on UFC Fight Pass, and if you’re the curious sort and maybe not a diehard MMA fan already with the service, there is a 7-day free trial you can sign up for and catch tonight’s action. The show starts at 8:30 pm ET.

As for us, we’ll have live, round-by-round coverage of the main event, which will pit Jones (65-9, 47 KO) against journeyman Scott Sigmon (30-11-1, 16 KO).

Jones has won three straight fights at the moment, and looks to end his career with another victory. Sigmon has served as an opponent in the past for the likes of Kelly Pavlik, Caleb Truax, Ronald Gavril, Luis Arias, and others.


  • Roy Jones Jr def. Scott Sigmon by unanimous decision (98-92, 98-92, 98-92)



Round 1: Immediately, we see some hugging, with Jones laughing in the clinch. Jones with an uppercut. Roy on the ropes, which has been a trademark, and not a good one, in this latter part of his career. Sigmon banging to the body, leaning on Jones, who grapples in return. Sigmon is bleeding somewhere on the head. Both complain to the referee about the holding, and finally the referee breaks it up. Jones shoots a right. It’s short. Sigmon back to the body, then Jones shows off what’s left of his speed, and Sigmon returns with some showboating of his own. Roy with a right hand, and he’s really laying it on now trying to recapture his old glory. You gotta dig that. It’s not the prettiest, as it used to be, but the man is being himself. Roy with a body shot. Little shot from Roy again. Commentator pretending Jones’ speed is in 1998 form. Jones landed a couple clean shots in this round. Jones 10-9

Round 2: Roy immediately back to the ropes, drawing Sigmon in and clinching. Sigmon’s mouthpiece falls out, not from a punch, but from talking. Jones plays to the crowd during the break. Is Roy legitimately making a point to go to every side of the ring and talk to the crowd from the clinch? That is insanely funny. Sigmon wrestling and battling and Roy keeps popping him with a shot here and there. Jones popping Sigmon with shots from distance, then looks at the crowd and shoots a no-look jab. Sigmon can’t do much of anything about it. Jones comes over to talk to commentator Nate Campbell after the round. This is wild. Jones 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Jones shooting shots at distance again, lands to the body, Sigmon back to the mauling attempt. Roy smiling and winking in the clinch. Roy flicking his jab out from range. When Sigmon gets close, Roy ties him right up immediately. He’s giving Sigmon no chances. They’re saying Sigmon is “initiating” the clinch, but that’s a half-truth. Nate Campbell just said Sigmon made a sound that indicated he had to shit — but he “cleaned it up a little.” Jones isn’t as fast as he was, obviously, but he’s faster than Sigmon. By a lot. Sigmon with a couple chopping rights. “Well, Roy’s letting him do that.” Roy with body shots and a hook up top. There’s really no mustard on his punches, but they’re clean shots. Another hook. Another couple of hooks, Sigmon sorta moves and they say he’s “on the run!” Terrific. Jones 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: More of the same with Sigmon close and clinched. To be fair to Jones, that’s all Sigmon has shown any real interest in doing. Sigmon can’t do anything at distance. Jones unloading with body shots and hooks. I really do honestly respect Jones’ effort tonight. He came to win and to entertain, and he’s doing both to the best of his ability, and his body shots are wearing on Sigmon for real. Roy with another uppercut inside, which has been another money punch for him tonight. Hooks, uppercut, body shots have been fine. Jones is putting in the best effort he can, he’s not playing (even though he played around some earlier, in Jones fashion). Sigmon seems to be wilting to me. He’s done some work, banged away where he can, but done no damage to a naturally bigger guy. Uppercut again from Jones. Hook again. Jones posing at the end of the round. Jones 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Fifth starts the same as the rest of the rounds. Sigmon loses his mouthpiece again. Jones poking the jab again, throwing a right over the top. More against-the-ropes grappling. My God, they’re talking about 49-year-old Roy Jones Jr fighting 42-year-old Anderson Silva in the future. What was that movie where old ass De Niro fought old ass Stallone? Sigmon with a couple rights, not much on them. He’s tired. He’s working hard physically for everything. Jones with another body shot with the uppercut. Hook from Jones, a couple more little shots from Sigmon. Sigmon had a better round than the others, but Jones still outpunched him, I think, and it’s basically a punch-off. Jones 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Guess what this round starts with? You got it: clean, effective distance boxing from both men. I’m lying. It starts with a little grappling. Actually a lot of it. Nate Campbell talking about Roy needing to get this over with so they don’t have to eat at Waffle House tonight. Roy with a slow left hook but it got there. Sigmon with more grappling, and now he’s fully initiating most of it. I’m looking for a round to give to Sigmon, in a way, honestly, but I don’t think he got this one, either. He’s been a little closer the last two. Jones 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Jones with some good uppercuts and hard body shots inside. The hook to the body has looked sharp at times, and I think he took the last round off a bit to conserve energy (no one could blame him), and he’s coming out throwing hard to start the seventh. Another good hook to the body. Sigmon is fighting his ass off, for the record. He’s really trying to win this fight. This is not a guy who came in to be a walkover. He’s just the less talented fighter, even with Jones being old. There’s a significant gap in skills and schooling. Good flurry at the end of the round again from Jones, but Sigmon keeps marching forward. Sigmon mad about a combination at the bell. Jones 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Jones with another good shot. Referee Tommy Kimmons done a good job here letting them just fight. He hasn’t made a lot of breaks, the wrestling has been plenty but they’ve worked through it, too. He hasn’t gotten overly involved at all. Some referees would with this fight. Jones fighting when he wants, resting when he wants. Winning the fight without taking unnecessary risks. Even the showboating is measured. Jones moving and punching, punching and moving. He’s not letting Sigmon in close in the second half of this round. Jones 10-9, 80-72

Round 9 & 10: Our editor went down during these rounds but I cautiously give both to Jones. I was slightly distracted. so Jones 100-90 for me

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