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Garcia-Rios: Brandon Rios’ Full Media Workout

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Watch Brandon Rios show his stuff during this opening media training session.

As Brandon Rios gets set to take on Danny Garcia next weekend in Las Vegas, the former titleholder holds an open media workout to display his current form. And while Rios is generally thought to be damaged goods at this point, all reports indicate he’s in great shape and working hard to make a statement in this outing.

Rios, who has reunited with former trainer Robert Garcia, has discussed in several interviews that he’s been sparring with a bunch of young fighters to keep him sharp and on his toes, dieting well, and feeling confident that he’s going to pull off the upset win. Rios even mentions to Fight Hub TV that he’s only eight pounds over the weight limit at this point.

So whether Rios’ renewed hunger will be enough against an opponent like Danny Garcia remains to be seen, but it certainly is a good sign that he’ll be showing up in shape and as prepared for this fight as possible.