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Deontay Wilder explodes on Anthony Joshua

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Deontay Wilder had a lot to say about Anthony Joshua during his open media workout.

During yesterday’s open media workout, Deontay Wilder went on one helluva rant aimed at fellow heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua...

“Ya’ll looking at the best heavyweight in the world! And he right here, from America!...Ya’ll fighting for heavyweights! Put ‘em in the ring with me, see what’s gon’ happen! I’ma knock ‘em out! I promise you that! Any heavyweight, listen, any one of you! And all you scrubs calling my name out, don’t worry. Once I handle what I gotta do, I got you too! I promise you that.

“Anthony Joshua call everybody name but my name!...Anthony Joshua talkin’ bout Dillian Whyte! He talkin’ bout Jarrell Miller! He don’t even mention Deontay Wilder’s name. In fact he say I’m too easy. He says he’ll ram his jab down my throat! No homo! He say he’ll knock me out with one punch! But they don’t wanna sign that contract though!

“Here’s the deal right here...I’ll go anywhere! I’ll go to his home! I’ll go to his front yard!

“If [Luis] Ortiz lookin’, Ortiz I’ma whoop your ass too, boy! I promise you!”

Wilder is currently scheduled to defend his WBC title on March 3rd at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.