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Abel Sanchez: Canelo has pressure to knock Golovkin out

Gennady Golovkin’s trainer says the pressure is on Canelo Alvarez on May 5.

Gennady Golovkin & Kell Brook Press Conference Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

Some of the best scrapping between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin that took place on Tuesday, at their fan fest hype sesh in Cali to bang the drums for the egregiously anticipated rematch which is to unfold May 5 in Las Vegas actually involved the redhead and GGG’s trainer.

Canelo, mic in hand, in stage, directed a verbal blast at Abel Sanchez, trying to bust on him for promising a Kazakh KO in the first go round.

What was up with that, was his message.

Sanchez fired back, stating that yes, KOs are that much harder to acquire against stayin’ alive sorts of scrappers.

Spanish was spoken and the looks on their faces suggested there is no love lost, indeed, little love to be found, between the Mexican pugilist and the Cali based tutor.

I asked Sanchez what was up with that back and forth.

“I have been saying that he ran and therefore lied to public about trying to knock GGG out, and he turned to me without provocation and said that I lied because I said Gennady was going to KO him in six. So I said that if you hadn’t run all night he would have ended it in six, so we kept repeating that until I said to stop the running and fight like a man.”

Good stuff; smart stuff, I offer, from Sanchez, whose fighter is best suited to going up against a Canelo who is looking to be more aggressive, willing to trade, ready to take more risks, and not so self contained in his manner in the ring. He’d do well to have a less composed, more rowdy Canelo fighting GGG.

You and me, reader, are both hot to see how Canelo tweaks his game-plan for the sequel scrum.

Isn’t it possible, I said to Sanchez, that by and large Canelo fights the second one in the same manner he fought the first one, and finishes with fingers crossed, that he gets more judge love this time around?

“I think Canelo has the pressure on him to get a KO,” reasoned Sanchez, “because of all his talk before last fight and now for this one!”

What say you, reader; what style and blue print will the Golden Boy stable stud take with him into the Las Vegas ring?

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