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Scott Quigg talks loss to Oscar Valdez

Quigg says he did everything he possibly could to make the

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Immediately following his brutal, brutal battle with Oscar Valdez over the weekend, a broken-faced Scott Quigg took some time to talk to Fight Hub TV about the fight and his thoughts on all the surrounding circumstances. Check it out.

Quigg on how his nose is feeling:

“Well I was looking as I was feeling. Yeah, um, to be honest with you it’s not that sore but I can feel it [all swollen up]. It’s the same size as my face.

“I think it was Round 8 [when it happened], maybe 8. Or maybe Round 5 but I think Round 8 it was.”

On if he knew during the fight that Valdez was fighting with a broken jaw:

“I didn’t know that he was having problems with his jaw. But I knew he had a problem because he was all — blood coming out of his mouth. After the fifth round, when I caught him with a good shot, I rocked him a bit...I knew something was [odd] but I didn’t know it was his jaw because his mouth was bleeding, but then he started to box a bit and started to move a bit. But, no, I didn’t know it was his jaw but it shows the character of the fighter because I know what it’s like to fight with a broken jaw against Frampton and all credit to [Valdez] for going on with it.”

On how he feels about his performance:

“I thought it was a [jolly?] good fight. I thought early on we went toe-to-toe, then he started to box and I didn’t — I give him a bit too much room and then towards the end again we started going at it again and I think it was an exciting fight for the fans. I enjoyed it but I thought it was a bit closer than the scorecards, but I think the right man won.”

On what he thinks of Valdez’s power, taking everything he had and walking through it:

“He hits hard but nothing really troubled me. He caught me, I think, after the low shot I caught him with in the 11th, he caught me with, I think it was a right hand just behind the back of the ear which, you know, dazed me for about a second or two. But other than that — he hits hard, you can’t afford to get complacent or anything with him, he does have power, but nothing that was devastating where I was like frightened to go forward or anything.”

Of if he noticed that he had more success once he injured Valdez’s jaw:

“To be honest with you, I fought when he come out for the first four rounds, I knew he was gonna come out fast so I wasn’t gonna start trading with him early on because that’s what he wanted to do. So I kept the pressure on, I was doing a lot of blocking, moving, defending — I was making him miss a lot and blocking his shots. But then, after that, it was, you know, he started to, you know — I knew after studying him, watching him, when he tries going for a walk I know he wants to get a breather and was, probably from the third round on, that’s when he looked to try and, after he throw these big shots, tried to back off for a bit of a breather then to come again.

“But the plan was obviously to keep on him so when he went to get a breather he wasn’t getting one. I managed to do that and then in the middle rounds, I think it was a couple of rounds, he got on his bike and boxed well and my feet was a bit slow keeping up with him. And, you know, I should’ve cut the ring off a bit more but, you know, I hope the fans enjoyed it and it was an exciting fight.”

On if he felt slow because of his injured foot in training camp:

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe, but there was no pain in there so I don’t wanna say that but I might’ve been more flat-footed because I was having to be a bit more flat-footed in the gym, you know, after the injury. But other than that, no.”

On how he injured his foot in camp:

“Just probably the intensity of the workout we were doing. But when it went I was skipping and I just went [crack], I just heard a massive crack and tried to spar that day, couldn’t. Went and got an x-ray that day straightaway and I fractured the third metatarsal so, for about four days I couldn’t put any pressure on it but that’s no excuse at all.”

On fans being pissed at him for missing weight and believing it affected the fight:

“Ah, it’s bollocks. Excuse my language. You know there’s one thing about me, I don’t cut corners. I’ll tell you what, I could of pulled out the fight and there would’ve been no fight. I tried everything to make the weight, I was on course to make the weight. I was, you know, on the Thursday morning I was three pounds over which I was well on-track. I did four sessions and it just wouldn’t budge. But like I say, I apologize for coming in overweight, I take full responsibility but anybody wants to talk a lot of nonsense is, you know — I rehydrate the same amount as I would if I would’ve made 126.”

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