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Vinny Paz pleads no contest in assault of his girlfriend

This is Paz’s second assault charge in the past few months.

The Maxim Party - Arrivals Photo by Tim Boyles/Getty Images

Former boxing star Vinny Paz has once again been accused of assault, this time of his girlfriend in an incident where police found her beaten and barricaded in a bathroom according to an ESPN report.

Police received a call at around 3am from a relative of the woman, and had to force their way into Paz’s home where the found the woman locked in a bathroom out of fear. She was reportedly found with visible injuries to her face and was taken from the home on a stretcher.

This latest incident follows another recent one in January where Paz hospitalized a man who he claimed stole money from him, although Paz maintains he was really the victim in that altercation.

Paz entered a no contest plea to this latest charge and received a one-year suspended sentence as well as one year of probation while also being ordered to stay away from the woman and undergo counseling.