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Crawford’s trainer unloads: ‘Jeff Horn ain’t s**t’

Team Crawford’s animosity toward Team Horn continues.

Terence Crawford & Felix Verdejo News Conference Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Brian McIntyre was in high spirits after he finished doing color commentary with Crystina Poncher on the ESPN app feed that saw Todd Grisham doing blow-by-blow, Saturday night at the Madison Square Garden Theater in NYC.

The trainer to Terence Crawford has a personality and isn’t afraid to show it, and yeah, he’s not afraid to talk, so the color slot on this Top Rank show makes sense for him.

I congratulated him on the showing but then saw his mood shift from amped and loose to amped and fiery. Because he started talking about Jeff Horn, the Aussie who holds the WBO welterweight title he wrested from Manny Pacquiao, and who will be fighting Crawford, in Bud’s first foray at 147, real soon.

The exact date for the bout, to unfold in Las Vegas, was up in the air as of Saturday, because Crawford had just relayed to Top Rank boss Bob Arum that his injured hand was feeling decent. No ligament tear, docs said, so after a few weeks of no punching, he should be good to get back on track and dig in to a full camp.

“Like Terence said in that Tweet, keep that belt warm, emeffer, ‘cause we comin’ to get that bitch,” the tutor told me. “Trust me, believe that. It’s easy emeffing work, Horn ain’t shit. I give it six. I want my kid to get some rounds in, and once we get warmed up and we on the downhill, we effing you up, we effing your trainer up,” and he went even a step beyond that, deeper into the Horn family tree.

Mac was not done workin’ blue. He was irked because Horn had gone on record mocking Crawford for getting the healing time.

“Eff Jeff Horn,” he spat. Bud wanted to blow off healing and fight with the hurt hand, but Mac told him to let it heal, he relayed.

Yes, he seems to have no love for the trainer, Glenn Rushton, or the rest of Team Horn. Why the anger? He said they weren’t talking trash, but then they heard that Horn was talkin’ smack, with Rushton referring to Crawford as “Princess” and telling him to “toughen up.”

Horn just wants “that check,” and can’t be looking forward to getting thrashed, maintains McIntyre.

It shouldn’t be too taxing an outing, he said, so why not, I figured, and I asked him who should be next for Bud after Horn.

“Keith Thurman, Errol Spence, Shawn Porter, I don’t give an eff, dawg,” he said, making clear no one scares them. “We the effing bogeyman!”

No one is chasing Crawford, he continued, and his kid is the bogeyman, not Spence. Oh, and he added Danny Garcia to the mix.

“We gonna whip all you emeffers, I promise you that,” Mac said, showing he believes fully that his kid is the boss of the game, and will down all the potential foes that fans want to see in super fights. All those guys can make a $5 million check, no marination needed.

“Why y’all are young, at your peak,” he said.

No. Marination. Needed. Get whupped and then apply for a rematch, for another $5 mill, he said, and get worked again.

And off he went, still muttering about what an emeffer Horn is.

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