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Lucas Browne: Dillian Whyte is an idiot and I don’t like him

Lucas Browne speaks at his media workout.

Lawrence Lustig/Matchroom
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Lucas Browne

“I don’t like judges’ decisions - it’s not good for me to have my life and my career in the hands of three people outside the ring. If I KO someone - there’s no argument, that’s what I like.

“He’s got a big mouth, a lot of the things he’s said on social media are just stupid and wrong.

“It’s a cry for attention. He knows he’s not the best boxer so he has to get noticed somehow and he does it by making noise. He’s famous for getting KO’d by Anthony Joshua, that’s it. I think he’s an idiot and I don’t like him, but I’ve always wanted to fight him.

“He can box a bit and he’s got a good workrate but I don’t think he’s got a great chin, and the whole ‘Bodysnatcher’ thing just makes me want to take him out with a bodyshot.

“I am exactly who I am on camera as I am in person – I’m not sure if Dillian is one of those people that if you put a camera in front of him he turns into a dickhead or if he’s a dickhead full time?

“He calls me a bully, and I am. I never deliberately bullied people around but I am a sort of enforcer, I need a reason to go out and do it and he’s given me plenty of reasons to. 90 per cent of the time I am happy-go-lucky, but that other 10 per cent of me is just twisted and wrong, and I like the fact that in a boxing ring I can let that out, and he’s going to get all of that.”

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