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Golovkin calls Canelo and De La Hoya dirty cheats!

Gennady Golovkin flat out accuses Canelo of doping and having needle injection sites even prior to their first fight.

Canelo Alvarez v Gennady Golovkin Press Conference - Los Angeles Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In an interview with reporters yesterday, middleweight champion Gennady Golovkin came right out and pointed the finger at Canelo Alvarez and his promoter Oscar De La Hoya, accusing both of being habitual cheaters.

These comments come on the heels of Team Golovkin calling out Canelo for what they believed were illegal hand wraps in their first fight and is by far the strongest language Golovkin has used to date when talking about Canelo.


“Again with Mexican meat? Come on,” Golovkin said. “I told you, it’s not Mexican meat. This is Canelo. This is his team. This is his promotion. Canelo is cheating. They’re using these drugs, and everybody is just trying to pretend it’s not happening.”

Golovkin also points to signs of Canelo’s underhanded tactics by not only referencing Canelo’s recently failed drug test for clenbuterol, but also by pointing out what he believes are injections sites spotted on Canelo’s abdomen leading into their first fight last September.

“It was pretty obvious when [Alvarez’s] muscles were all [enlarged] ... and with the traces of injections, which were visible,” Golovkin said. “Before the first fight, I knew he was not clean. I can talk about Oscar De La Hoya too. He is also not clean. He’s dirty.”

After Golovkin said Canelo should take a polygraph to reveal the whole truth, Golovkin’s promoter Tom Loeffler backed Golovkin by saying they were sent photos and videos of Canelo taking a mysterious pill after their official weigh-in as well as photos of the visible injection sites on Canelo.

“If nobody from the commission will cancel it, I will do my job,” Golovkin said. “But this is a very hot topic about doping. What did he inject in his belly? What are the marks on his belly? Look at the photos. These questions should be asked of the commission.”

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is currently “investigating” the matter of Canelo’s failed drug test, but there’s honestly little chance that this ends up derailing their upcoming rematch. Color me cynical but there’s just too much money to be made here. And if the fight doesn’t happen, no one gets paid; not the fighters, not the promoters, not the managers, not the commission nor the sanctioning bodies, not the judges. Not even the concession guys.

President of Golden Boy, Eric Gomez, has since publicly come out to deny all these accusations coming from Team Golovkin, referring to them as defamatory and accusing Golovkin of looking for a way out of this fight.

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