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WBC president says Golovkin is just confused over Canelo issues

Mauricio Sulaiman says Gennady Golovkin’s frustrations in negotiating with Canelo has him confusing issues.

Gennady Golovkin & Kell Brook Press Conference Photo by Bryn Lennon/Getty Images

As the WBC continues to stand by Canelo Alvarez during the recent allegations of cheating, its president Mauricio Sulaiman has come out to give his take on why Golovkin has erupted on Canelo — essentially saying Golovkin’s pent up frustrations have hit a boiling point, causing him mix up the issues.

Here’s what Sulaiman had to tell ESPN Deportes, via WBN:

“What we are seeing is that Golovkin is simply demonstrating that he is a human being, for the first time he is acting like a boxer,” Sulaiman told ESPN Deportes. “He has always handled himself differently, he has never spoken out against anything and against anyone. He has the right to demand that an investigation be carried out, but I feel that he is mistaken in mixing up previous subjects... that is not the GGG that we know.”

Sulaiman then claims he had no idea about Golovkin’s previous gripes regarding Canelo’s alleged use of performance enhancing drugs:

”I knew about the complaints regarding Canelo’s hand-wraps, but not about what he’s saying (taking PED’s before the first fight and needle marks).

”I feel he is confusing things as a sign of the frustration that has been accumulating throughout all this time, where he had give in to everything to get the first fight and now the second fight... he simply exploded and before he never did, but unfortunately he’s confusing things.”

The WBC has publicly given Canelo its vote of confidence regarding his recently failed drug test, and as things currently stand it looks like the May 5th rematch will be going off without a hitch.