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Eddie Hearn comments on Anthony Joshua/UFC talk

Promoter Eddie Hearn responds to talk of UFC being interested in signing Anthony Joshua.

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Amir Khan press conference Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

UK promoter Eddie Hearn’s empire has popped in the last year and a half as the profile of multi-belt heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua continues to flourish. But some are wondering if Hearn’s luck will last.

He’s been cagey about his contract with Joshua, but many are assuming it’s up pretty soon, and then AJ can test the waters if he chooses. And after that story March 21 story by Gareth Davies came out, in the UK Telegraph, which said that Dana White would very much like to build around Joshua as his central building block when he decides to hop into the boxing waters, even more chatter bubbled up.

I’m curious, of course. So I posed a question to Hearn: Why isn’t that Dana White offer story being met with a response from you which threatens him with a legal counter punch, because he’s engaging in negotiations with a person who’s under contract, to you. This would be seen as interference, I think, and frowned upon in the States...

“He isn’t negotiating or hasn’t made an offer,” Hearn emailed me back.

That’s a very chill response, and I’m going to assume Hearn knows what the heck he’s doing, because, hello, he’s proved his worth in the promotional sphere.

Davies has followed up on his initial column and fleshed out a bit more some things that Joshua could do if he wanted to collect some Zuffa bucks.

Where do you guys see this going? Maybe Eddie partners up with Dana, who could I think summon more capital, with his Hollywood connections, than could Eddie?

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