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Mayweather details plans for MMA training

Floyd Mayweather talks about his upcoming plans in mixed martial arts.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In a telephone interview with Fight Hype’s Ben Thompson, Floyd Mayweather talks a bit about what he has planned for starting his MMA training and when we might see him in the octagon. Check out some excerpts of the conversation below...

Mayweather on if he’s started training in MMA:

“I’ve started training already. Not the physical part, endurance part. So far I just started running...and Mayweather Promotions has signed their first MMA fighter. So I’m thinking about fighting in the MMA. I’ve thought about it...I started training in Miami. I look forward to fighting probably by the end of the year. We don’t know. Right now it’s a 50/50, it’s not really 100% but I’ve already started training.

On why he wants to make this move into MMA:

“I’ve thought about it and like I said I’m not 100% sure...but I’m very, very interested.

On if he’s officially looking to train with Tyron Woodley:

“Me and Woodley bumped into each other on numerous occasions. We talked, we said we need to start working out...I’ma be working with different guys in the Jiu Jitsu world. My wrestling game, I’ll be working with guys with the wrestling. My kicking game, I’ma be working with Amir Khan guys in the kicking game. Before I get in the octagon I gotta be well-rounded all around the board.”

On if he thinks people are underestimating his chances in MMA:

“I think that — of course! I mean fighting is not nothing new for me. Fighting barefoot is something new, but fighting is nothing new for me. The thing is this, I can be fighting a guy that has some unbelievable Jiu Jitsu skills or unbelievable wrestling skills but...his chances of getting to me is — I mean the percentage of the chance of him getting to me to lock up with me, he has to come in first...But he may lock up with me and he may get wrapped up in a certain way. So you don’t really know how things could play out or how things could happen.

“With MMA anything can happen. You know, it’s brutal. It’s very, very brutal, but when I signed up to be a fighter from day 1 I knew it was brutal. Just being a fighter period is brutal.”

On if he seriously wants to take several fights in MMA or just go after one big one, perhaps against Conor McGregor:

“I can’t say right now...I’m a numbers man. I’m all about the numbers. One thing about me...I’m never ducking no fighters! You know, that’s one thing about me. I don’t duck. So Conor McGregor, tough, vicious competitor. Of course. Just like he feels he got dynamite hands with the 4oz gloves on, I feel I have dynamite power with the 4oz gloves on.

“I feel like he was complaining about the ref stopping it, but if the ref wanted to really actually kill a guy he could of let that happen but actually he saved him.”

On if he feels like his competitive nature is driving this move to MMA:

“The thing is this, I know right now I’m the biggest name in MMA. Hands down. I know this! And the second biggest name is Conor McGregor. I know this! But also, even just with the MMA, I would love to see Woodley and Conor McGregor lock up...I think that’s a good lock up.

“It’s all about entertainment. When it was time I had fun, I loved having fun. The first two or three rounds [against McGregor] we ain’t doing nothing, just let him do whatever he do. But in the MMA it would be totally different because we don’t have no shoes on, and with 4oz gloves on — you think I’m fast with 8oz gloves on? Imagine how fast I’ll be with 4oz gloves on.”

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