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Could Floyd Mayweather fight Conor McGregor in the Octagon with special rules?

Could Mayweather-McGregor in UFC happen with special, exhibition-like rules?

Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Conor McGregor Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Psst, wanna hear a rumor?

That Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor MMA fight that wouldn’t happen, couldn’t happen, was being negotiated, then wasn’t, and is now dead in the water…or maybe it isn’t…that one?

Well, you and me both think it’s no brainer no way-er, that Floyd just wouldn’t do something like that, risk his legacy, and that hard-fought for 0, in the Octagon.


But what if it were constructed in a way that would get him that ludicrous paycheck he so adores, while not dropping his beloved 0?

What if the fight were indeed held in the UFC’s Octagon, which would make for enough novelty to bring the sort of check that might lure “Money” back to the vault, er, fighting life…BUT, the rules were costructed so this was actually basically an exhibition? What if the rules said that the first two rounds would be fought using modified rules…with both men wearing MMA gloves, and no takedowns allowed.

Only hand strikes allowed in the first two rounds.

Then, if it got to a third round, only then would takedowns be allowed, only then would actual UFC rules be in place?

That is the construct my man Mr. X has told me is floating about certain circles.

Thoughts, friends? You see this as plausible?

Would you watch? Would you buy this exhibition?

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