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Joshua vs Parker: Live streaming results and round-by-round coverage

Anthony Joshua takes on Joseph Parker in a big unification bout from Cardiff.

Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker Weigh In Photo by Matthew Horwood/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Today at 5 pm ET from Cardiff, Wales, live on Showtime, Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker put their undefeated records and world titles on the line in the main event at Principality Stadium. BLH will be here with live, round-by-round coverage of the bout.

Joshua (20-0, 20 KO) will defend his IBF and WBA “super world” titles against the WBO belt held by Parker (24-0, 18 KO), with the winner leaving with three of four major titles in the heavyweight division. The WBC belt is held by Deontay Wilder, who won’t be in attendance but will surely have his eyes on the fight.

Not only does the winner leave with three belts, but will also be recognized by most as the top fighter in the division, and have the chance to fully unify with Wilder, hopefully later this year.

Join us this afternoon for this big, big fight, in front of what should be a great crowd!


  • Anthony Joshua def. Joseph Parker by unanimous decision (118-110, 118-110, 119-109)


Anthony Joshua vs Joseph Parker

Round 1: Both throwing jabs early, Parker really trying to flick his out there and trying to keep some distance. He’s staying on the back foot. Pretty quiet, tactical opening round, both in theory trying to establish the jab, nobody really stepping into it or anything. Both sides played it safe and felt it out for the first three minutes. Joshua 10-9

Round 2: Joshua looking like he wants to step up the pace a little more, and Parker looks ready to meet that, letting his hands move some. Joshua shoots a counter right, it misses. Parker showing a few different looks. Parker with a nice counter right, Joshua to the body with a right hand. Another right from Parker. I think Parker really has the right approach here, as much as there is a right approach. Joshua taps with the jab — if you can call getting jabbed by him a “tap,” which you probably shouldn’t. Parker 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Joshua with a good jab early. Parker doubling up with the hook, Joshua looking to jab at the body. Joshua starting to step into the jab more. Parker flicking these quick jabs out from the hip, and constantly moving, staying away from danger. Joshua opens up with a three-punch combo, nothing quite gets there. Joshua with a right uppercut in close, Parker ties up. Right hand up top for Joshua, at least glancingly lands, Parker clinches again. Joshua’s jab is touching Parker up some on the chin. Heads clash as Parker throws a hook. Joshua 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Joshua stalking to start the fourth. Counter shot from Joshua stings Parker a bit. Parker showing some good defense in this fight, moving his head a lot, and nullifying what Joshua does with that flicking jab. Joshua can’t get into a real rhythm. That’s not to say it’s winning him the fight, but it’s keeping him competitive. Joshua 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Quick little half-hook, half-jab catches Parker ducking down. Parker to the body a bit. Parker hasn’t done so much as he’s — well, I start saying that and he lands a good 1-2, and slips a counter left hook. Parker again makes Joshua miss badly, this time on a loaded up right hand. Good round for Parker. Parker 10-9, Joshua 48-47

Round 6: They get tied up a bit, both throwing, and Joshua gets clipped and hurt a bit! The hands are flying, nobody’s landing, a bit chaotic, and the referee throws himself into the mix to break it up for whatever reason. Right hand from Joshua. Parker back with a couple shots. Joshua with a right, Parker with a counter uppercut back to slow the momentum. Joshua walking him down, but Parker is fighting well. Joshua with a short right, then to the body a bit. Best round of the fight, and I’ve got it even halfway in. Parker 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Every time there’s almost action, the referee breaks it up, and takes a long time putting them back to work. There was zero reason to break them up where he did last round or here in this one. It sucks all the air out of the fight and forces a reset right when something might be happening. Round could go either way. Joshua 10-9, 67-66

Round 8: We’ve been waiting to see someone push Joshua to 12 rounds, and I’m starting to think that’s what we’re going to see here. Joshua just not aggressive or effective enough so far, and the chances of him scoring that big KO seem to be dwindling. The awkwardness of Parker has been effective. Referee steps in again for no reason whatsoever. Left hand from Joshua catches Parker, another uppercut, and AGAIN the referee steps in for no fucking reason whatsoever. This guy sucks. Joshua 10-9, 77-75

Round 9: This has been a calm fight in many ways. Joshua shooting the uppercut from too far. Again they get close, again the referee is involved — well, kinda. Joshua halfway calls his own timeout to get his glove tape fixed. I liked Parker this round. Parker 10-9, Joshua 86-85

Round 10: Parker has been disruptive in this fight. It’s not the most pleasant, action-packed thing to watch, but you have to appreciate how he’s shut down a lot of Anthony Joshua’s game. Joshua keeps looking for and missing his money punch, the right uppercut, and not having much more success with anything else, really. It’s been a tough fight to score in some respects, nobody really shining. Parker 10-9, 95-95

Round 11: Some decent exchanges in this round, and both get clipped here and there. Joshua looked like maybe he took the worse of it at one point, but it’s hard to say. It’s almost amazing how much Parker has been able to shut down Joshua’s aggression and power. But I think this one nicks to Joshua — he showed a bit more and he knows these are the championship rounds. Parker does, too, obviously, but he has a bit less he can show than what he has so far. Joshua 10-9, 105-104

Round 12: More likely than not, my card is closer than the official cards, and Parker probably needs something special. Joshua looks to be trying to convince the judges, too. He’s doing a bit more than he has most of the fight, forcing the issue when he can. Not overly wild, but taking some chances. Either way, Joshua looks entirely human in this fight after 20 fights where he was basically The Terminator. We are in fact going the distance. I think Anthony Joshua deserves the fight, and he probably is going to get it. Joshua 10-9, 115-113

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