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Deontay Wilder looking forward to attending Joshua-Parker fight

Wilder says he’ll be in attendance for Anthony Joshua’s unification bout with Joseph Parker.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following Deontay Wilder’s dramatic knockout win over Luis Ortiz on Saturday night, the WBC heavyweight champ talks to the media about his plans to be at Anthony Joshua’s unification with Joseph Parker and who he wants to win that fight...

“Sky Sports definitely have hired me to come out and be a commentator so I’m looking forward to coming to Cardiff. I never been to Cardiff before so I’m looking forward to making myself present there and, um, I love all my fans. You know, I gotta lot of fans in the UK.

“And as far as who winning, it doesn’t matter who win. Of course everybody want to see Anthony Joshua and Deontay Wilder, of course. And with Joseph Parker, I don’t know — they say they wanna fight but they had the opportunity to fight me before. That’s why they came to Alabama to the fight and stuff like that. But when I knock people out people start to get indecisive of what they really want to do.

“You know, certain people say certain things for the media, to entertain the crowd, entertain the fans. But what I say I really mean. Like I’ve said many a times before, I only speak from my heart. And, you know, my mouth is only the translator to what my heart is really saying. I have no filter, I’ma bring it to you raw, I’ma bring it to you uncut...I know sometimes I say certain things that may make people feel uncomfortable, but I’ma real champion. I’m the realest champion in the business...

“Sometimes that may mess up marketing or certain things that people look at you and stuff, but I’d rather be real with myself and to the people than being a fake person...My life is great. I got a beautiful family, I got beautiful children, I got a beautiful woman. You know, what more do I need? Money ain’t everything.”

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