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Deontay Wilder encourages Luis Ortiz to not give up on himself following defeat

Deontay Wilder says Luis Ortiz has earned his respect.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During Deontay Wilder’s post-fight press conference following his knockout win over Luis Ortiz, Wilder affirms that Ortiz won his respect and tells him to keep his head up...

“My mind is so strong, that where meditation comes from. You know, it’s a powerful exercise of exercising your mind. Like I said, I fought [Ortiz] a hundred times in my mind through meditation...I’m glad I got into that situation because I showed people a lot — that I can take a punch. That I can overcome adversity. You know, and now, what else to be said? Whatchu gonna keep saying that I’m sloppy, that I’m windmilling, or whatever? What else can be said?!

“I mean at the end of the day styles make fights, and my style is what it is. I continue to prove to the people that I’ma continue to win, I’ma continue to knock these guys out with the style that I have, so people just gonna have to deal with what I got, and just love on me as I love you guys, and entertain you guys and give you some of the best fights.

“Like I said, I took a stand and took a great risk with a small reward just to show you guys that I am the best. You know, because I consider Luis Ortiz the best. And it was an honor to get in the ring with him. You know, like I said before, I wanted to give him that second opportunity because he had a daughter with a disability as well as my daughter with a disability, and I know how that feel as a father to have children that we love so much with a disability. So no matter what it was, I wanted to give him the opportunity so that he can be able to support his family — win, lose, or draw, man.

“You know, it was an amazing night, I respect him, I hope he still become prosperous in his career and still — don’t give up! No matter what the age is — ‘cause we’ll probably never know — but I wish him the best, though...He’s a great guy and sometimes in boxing we have to transform into this killer...In boxing, when it’s time to fight, I’m the Bronze Bomber — that’s serious. I don’t care about nothing! I really try to hurt my guys. But then when it’s over I can love all my guys. I can show sportsmanship. You know I can hug ‘em and kiss ‘em and say ‘great job, man. I appreciate you, king’ and go on to the next one.

“That’s what this sports is all about. This is a beautiful sport, it’ll never die, it’ll be around for a long time, man — especially though the support of you guys. Thank you guys for coming out. Thank you guys for supporting...”

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